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  • what is the metal song 1.44

    MundoggMundoggПре 14 дана
  • BEST EDITION. Brazil memes ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Hugo SilvaHugo SilvaПре 18 дана
  • Keep it up NB3

    Ali YazbekAli YazbekПре 21 дан
  • The call ambulance scene got me so bad 😆

    Ali YazbekAli YazbekПре 21 дан
  • Fantastic video

    Ali YazbekAli YazbekПре 21 дан
  • No one: Drake: NYAAAAA 4:50

    G GarG GarПре 24 дана
  • 1:34 invades enemy jungle when enemy mid laner has priority on lane. and this guy is masters? NA sure has low standards.

    WowItsFrosty GamesWowItsFrosty GamesПре 29 дана
    • @mortalhordewarrior his main account is literally masters right now. and i dont understand how. lol.

      WowItsFrosty GamesWowItsFrosty GamesПре 28 дана
    • Exactly what I was thinking..... he's not masters tho lmao

      mortalhordewarriormortalhordewarriorПре 28 дана
  • Wow too much complains and memes in one video.. It's like a full video of non-sense, weird stuff comes like a train on full speed.

    Tamir OTamir OПре месец
  • cool

    doing63doing63Пре месец
  • I'm B4 last I played and that Zed even makes me rage... x_x

    Derek HoldenDerek HoldenПре месец
  • Editor did way too much in the last few videos. I always enjoyed your content but now you don t learn much about your playstyle.

    Hugo von SchillerHugo von SchillerПре месец
  • stop feding nb

    pricop rarespricop raresПре месец
  • HecArim is omae wa mou shindeiru adaption in lol

    Gvidas BeniuševičiusGvidas BeniuševičiusПре месец
  • prrrrr :'D

    LOL ProTeamLOL ProTeamПре месец
  • Bro i swear i died when he fight with akali and she said what are you doing step bro LOL

    HewitZz O'SevenHewitZz O'SevenПре месец
  • Man literally the best editor ive seen

    Dennis DexterDennis DexterПре месец
  • Chillout with the edits

    IDEKIDEKПре месец
  • what is that number ? heart rate or something

    Duy VuDuy VuПре месец
  • How useless that zed was the entre gamen

    Nicolás TovarNicolás TovarПре месец
  • just daym editing skills

    Nuryaqiin PanchoNuryaqiin PanchoПре месец
  • The dragon reaction when vayne got it, made me laugh way too hard.

    Jonathan PetersonJonathan PetersonПре месец
  • 5:46 this in Egypt actually XD

    Ahmed essamAhmed essamПре месец

    Juan santosJuan santosПре месец
  • Why all streamers are adding this bullshit pulse counter? Like can anyone be original these days? :/

    Radu-Cristian TomaRadu-Cristian TomaПре месец

    Gerard BeltranGerard BeltranПре месец
  • Go copyright another video

    znamirznamirПре месец
  • Lets make peticion, so nightblue can pay more this editor...

    Jhosua SihombingJhosua SihombingПре месец
  • I got triggered for the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds and I don't even play league anymore lol

    Average NickAverage NickПре месец
  • That LLStylish prrrrrrr with the zed int was god tier.

    Average Working HumanAverage Working HumanПре месец
  • This Editor is 1v9 ing so hard

    dz Angeldz AngelПре месец

    Larry AzizLarry AzizПре месец
  • that editing is insane xD

    Борислав БорисовБорислав БорисовПре месец
  • f this gameplay I LOVE THE EDITS

    MARTIALGUY GeorgeMARTIALGUY GeorgeПре месец
  • I’m not gonna lie, I think I’m in love with the editor

    Imanol BiaImanol BiaПре месец
  • Poor Xerath steped on some landmines there

    Carlos SanojaCarlos SanojaПре месец
  • The Hecarim game is so much like an anime fight: the protagonist is being beaten into a pulp, but then they ascend into greatness and turns it around. Congratz, NightBlue3, you are now an anime hero

    Teraclon GamesTeraclon GamesПре месец
  • Why is the Kappa ward comment in BR pt? Or it's just from my head Kappa

    Pedro BlaisePedro BlaiseПре месец
  • The editor is good

    What The FactWhat The FactПре месец
  • Your stuff is so entertaining bud, well done.

    Jéan BrandJéan BrandПре месец
  • The editor is the true MVP

    Venz AlorroVenz AlorroПре месец
  • 1:43 , well you are invading when you dont have mid prio, so suit yourself.

    copa593copa593Пре месец
  • NB3 needs to give his editor a massive pay rise.

    Akkun EAkkun EПре месец
  • Zed ks Bye, have a great time.

    Marc Joseph ConstantinoMarc Joseph ConstantinoПре месец
  • Nightblue has to sign a 20 year contract with this editor. Lately,clips have been way better.XD

    Αναστασης ΦιληςΑναστασης ΦιληςПре месец
  • why u complain about zed, clearly he doesnt have prio,

    Jing Yang LiJing Yang LiПре месец
  • Nb3 really liking ur content and your energy, keep it up man!!

    Iúri GatoIúri GatoПре месец
  • Αληθινός θα πεθανω και λετζεντ θα γίνω γεεε

  • Ultra inting hecarim 🥶

    Katmik TvKatmik TvПре месец
  • this channel is getting hard carried by the editor

    MɨnŧVɨɍxMɨnŧVɨɍxПре месец
  • Song at 3:30?

    Tiago Terenas AlmeidaTiago Terenas AlmeidaПре месец
  • Bro i Love the Edits You Fucking Fire!!!

    Panos SoldatosPanos SoldatosПре месец
  • A lot of inappropriate memes and jokes today, no wonder stylish has been farming

    RemRemПре месец
  • So this is the guy who flamed Closer and get smurfed by him lol.

    MegamenMegamenПре месец

    Luka SavicLuka SavicПре месец
  • idk if its just me but i think the editing is getting way too excessive

    snoopyhead xdsnoopyhead xdПре месец
  • That Zed don’t deserve that win! 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Kevin ThojKevin ThojПре месец
  • Who TF is pinging!

    TankYou90TankYou90Пре месец
  • Zed, playing a pacifistic cat Needing attention and not fighting What a roleplayer

    Mr0699Mr0699Пре месец
  • 3:36 how much fun would it be if maokai's saplings really did that much damage

    Accel eratorAccel eratorПре месец
  • the worst player alive

    Johnny JoestarJohnny JoestarПре месец
  • when in doubt, pepega charge

    Edy LopezEdy LopezПре месец
  • wait, i honestly didnt notice you had a vayne that whole game LMAO

    Cyberpunk AlchemistCyberpunk AlchemistПре месец
  • worst Zed Na lol

    ナシャナシャПре месец
  • People always talk about the memes in the videos, but little things like the reverb effect on the bruh 4:16 are those that show the editor is top tier

    Big SmokeBig SmokeПре месец
  • Those edits were sick as fvck Damm

    Koyomi SchneiderKoyomi SchneiderПре месец
  • I love ur editor

    Feeder NeoFeeder NeoПре месец
  • 4:49 that caught me off guard so bad I almost drop my lunch

    Ivan LeeIvan LeeПре месец
  • Damn editor, you're actually on a different level on editing now, you should get the salary of the entire LCS for this.

    SwaggerSimonSwaggerSimonПре месец
  • Half of the games on the channel for few last weeks with Hecarim Nightblue: lets switch it up a bit *picks Hecarim*

    TacemikoTacemikoПре месец
  • Editor, for real, how much do you get paid?? 🤣🤣

    Luis AraizaLuis AraizaПре месец
  • Gragas was scripting

    eduardo felicildaeduardo felicildaПре месец
  • Who is this editor I need to know

    Augustus KocsisAugustus KocsisПре месец
  • FYI I gave a handy for this to be the kappa award comment and it was totally worth it!

    Custom Coin Rings USACustom Coin Rings USAПре месец
  • Pi network invitation code:davorsubotica

    Давор ВојнићДавор ВојнићПре месец
  • I realy dont like the new editing

    Big Dan DegBig Dan DegПре месец
  • i only play predator heca

    youssef abdelghaffaryoussef abdelghaffarПре месец
  • hey night blue try to troll ur chat make ur heart rate to thousands 😂

    hiroohirooПре месец
  • wait untill the editor finds out we are just messing with him and we dont actually enjoy the edits

    BoostedApeBoostedApeПре месец
    • I actually hate the edits..they are too forced trying too hard to be funny

      A FriendA FriendПре месец
  • I stoped watching nb3 a while ago, I just got back for this god like edits

    D3viLD3viLПре месец
  • The prrrrr on zed ks 😂😂

    Sio ShelbySio ShelbyПре месец
  • Editor is the support of making him ultra instcinct since the editor is way higher than that

    Emilio Khosasih 8.1Emilio Khosasih 8.1Пре месец
  • This zed is why i don't camp random mids

    zer0edgyzer0edgyПре месец
  • Editor: "How many gamplays of Hecarim you got?" NB3: YES!

    Kevin StegemannKevin StegemannПре месец

    Victor RodriguesVictor RodriguesПре месец
  • Everyone dying of laughter due to nb3's editor and saying weird comments about him xd

    Angelo AudijeAngelo AudijeПре месец
  • haha im ADDICT to nb videos xD

    Luis BrenesLuis BrenesПре месец
  • I love the new style of the videos do yall?!

    S.ivanov 99S.ivanov 99Пре месец
  • That Zed was pure decoration, just like a plant

    비비비비Пре месец
  • POG

    MysticIxMysticIxПре месец
  • I always have a mid laner like zed

    Zeke LozanoZeke LozanoПре месец

    Đình Tuấn ChuĐình Tuấn ChuПре месец
  • Even if nightblu3 doesn’t get grandmasters he already is thanks to these edits

    NecroSkullWolfNecroSkullWolfПре месец
  • that dragon moan got me HAHA

    Emerson SchiesseEmerson SchiesseПре месец
  • I would literally zucc this editors D if he edits my life

    InterInterПре месец
  • Yo Editor! Another One!

    Ryviusx01Ryviusx01Пре месец
  • NB you got a like just for the editor he put the best 2d sonic song

    Soma CruzSoma CruzПре месец
  • chat: we want to see your game vs. scrubnoob Nightblue3: im being pogged by him by a scary pussycat

    clyde begoniaclyde begoniaПре месец
  • MonkaW 1:28

    Adrian Hernandez SaldañaAdrian Hernandez SaldañaПре месец
  • Can u play neeko jg or i will tell my mom 😇

    Killua HXHKillua HXHПре месец
  • Nightblue: *goes to team fights* Zed: *PRRRRRRRR*

    IndoorPondIndoorPondПре месец