14 сеп 2020
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  • NB3 playing his spirit animal

    kenzkenzПре месец
    • Game Account wouldnt that be nasus or warwick?

      LeCroquemboucheLeCroquemboucheПре месец
    • Yeah he is using his pogger champ

      Naruto UzumakiNaruto UzumakiПре месец
    • Cause he’s a boosted ape

      BeanzieBeanzieПре месец
    • Kappa award

      UdzejlUdzejlПре месец
    • Xd nb3 heart

      KaynKaynПре месец
  • 7:56

    Evil GlitchEvil GlitchПре дан
  • Why play tf2 music???

    I8XxEchoxX8II8XxEchoxX8IПре дан
  • 15:55 what song is that its bothering me pls i need name !!!

    Reece SpiteriReece SpiteriПре 4 дана
  • Bap. Bam. Bada. Ba......... Monkey

    Tao YaTao YaПре 7 дана
  • 7:54

    Evil GlitchEvil GlitchПре 20 дана
  • 15:52 jojo music

    WantoWantoПре 29 дана
  • 16:13 whats the music?

    Guilherme NonoGuilherme NonoПре месец
  • It is what it is vegeta

    med choubimed choubiПре месец
  • 10:22 Yo respect to the editor for removing music to make Ahri's death sound much more enjoyable

    Saws MeisterSaws MeisterПре месец
  • Why did he want his canon minion to die while killing the top turret with camille

    Give me subs Or give me dedGive me subs Or give me dedПре месец
  • 16 lp for 16 kill bby

    RattlyNebulaRattlyNebulaПре месец
  • NB: why they no surrender >looks at game timer Oh right you can't ff before 15

    KatoptrysKatoptrysПре месец
  • nightblue had to of played smite at some point in his life. his ability key binds are 1 2 3 4 5 (the same as how smite's is)

    Toaster Toke024Toaster Toke024Пре месец
  • 0:05 pick the monkey 0:25 play the monkey 1:53 talk like monkey xD we luv u man

    KillkoKillkoПре месец
  • RIP Savor Time intro😔

    Thannat0s AntaresThannat0s AntaresПре месец
  • the 3 in nb3 is standing for triple q

    Thomas LeitenmairThomas LeitenmairПре месец
  • Can you try Zyra jungle?

    Dovydas BakerisDovydas BakerisПре месец
  • Destroying tyler's and tf blade team. Next video please. We want twitch rivals on youtube

    Adrian Hernandez SaldañaAdrian Hernandez SaldañaПре месец
  • Why did he change the title?

    RasterixRasterixПре месец
  • the monke op?????

    Francisco SantiagoFrancisco SantiagoПре месец
  • Whats the name of the remix at 16:40?

    lifeisstrange 651lifeisstrange 651Пре месец
  • Please explain y u let the canon die at 4:03 ?

    MaNy WinniesMaNy WinniesПре месец
  • 1:53 close your eyes and just listen before pressing read more Youve been Gnomed.

    KingZenkiKingZenkiПре месец
  • Monke

    Rafael LaguardiaRafael LaguardiaПре месец

    J BJ BПре месец
  • NGL, I like this kind of Nightblue3.

    Puppy face SpidermanPuppy face SpidermanПре месец
  • Exactly how many times did he change the title for this video?

    CorazonCorazonПре месец
  • 16 kills in 16m + 16 lp ..👏👑perfection 👑👏

  • 12.18 this aaaah should be a death sound

    Waffle MayaWaffle MayaПре месец
  • look its all top diff lul

    Lazar TodorovicLazar TodorovicПре месец
  • NB3 watches too much Karasmai vids. He's starting to sound like him. Or is it the other way around?

    Bren MendozaBren MendozaПре месец

    FireRiceFireRiceПре месец
  • Tarzaned vs NB3? For best jungler na

    Zeth AstonZeth AstonПре месец
  • Wukong is busted.

    LeCroquemboucheLeCroquemboucheПре месец
  • Why change THE TITLE LMFAO

    Jun PicoJun PicoПре месец
  • Yo artful, please stop putting music over the stream. Constantly hearing 2 audio tracks playing at once is jarring and dilutes your otherwise awesome editing!

    ShotenShotenПре месец
  • His hairline has receded further back than his Climb to Challenger. Hope he gets back.... His rank in Challenger; his hairline has gone to the shadow realm.

    Eduardo FernandesEduardo FernandesПре месец
  • I swear you've changed the title like 3 times? XD

    TTGgeekTTGgeekПре месец
  • Nb3 how many bonetooth you have on your neck less if you know you know :)

    Nikolai DineroNikolai DineroПре месец
  • First game 16 kills 16 minutes 16 lp 😅😅

    Charbel AwadCharbel AwadПре месец
  • 1:48 song plis?

    UkkoUkkoПре месец
  • *Monke*

    UkkoUkkoПре месец
  • This time the editing is crap, the busic is very boring, sadly :(

    ItsMixeryItsMixeryПре месец
  • im actually happy to see 3 game sin a 17 min video great job guys :D

  • This man keeps changing his thumbnails

    Johnny KuangJohnny KuangПре месец
  • 16 kills at 16 minutes and 16lp D:

    jose gregoriojose gregorioПре месец
  • Return to monke

    UnivErsEUnivErsEПре месец
  • Could you play team fight tactics

    Rissho RoRissho RoПре месец
  • Wukong is Monkey? It is what it is!

    KIYAN 007KIYAN 007Пре месец
  • "Rank is Temporary, Skill is Forever" -Nightblu3(2020) Best quote of the year ❤️💕

    Cedrex TorrochaCedrex TorrochaПре месец
  • 5:56 Wukong's laugh hahaha

    Cedrex TorrochaCedrex TorrochaПре месец
  • I should probably think that Nightblu3's head was broken 😅❤️

    Cedrex TorrochaCedrex TorrochaПре месец
  • was this not a different title ? i remember oh oh ah ah

    whiskeytailwhiskeytailПре месец
  • wait, score the third game is from 6 vs 3 to 9 vs 25

    01_Achmad Desca01_Achmad DescaПре месец
  • Those titles are getting more and more creative -.-

    The SticknationThe SticknationПре месец
  • I Like the 3 game videos cause i dont have much time for watching the stream

    lukalukaПре месец
  • therapist: german nightblue isnt real he cant hurt you german nightblue: 5:32

    Nico h343Nico h343Пре месец
  • 11:00 this is from Pokémon right? But what's the title of it?

    Mark dimiMark dimiПре месец
  • wait telhe title said earlier is ooh ooh ahh ahh wikong then now WHAT????

    isaiah gregorioisaiah gregorioПре месец
  • Tiamat hecarim ? defuq

    Stefano yesStefano yesПре месец
  • 7:03 I suddenly laughed at this point😂

    SKT BusherSKT BusherПре месец
  • He he funny monke

    Zafer DEMİRCİZafer DEMİRCİПре месец
  • Me when i get and S: YAHHHHHHH LES GÒOOOOOOO Nb3: dont care

    DXTR0YER JrDXTR0YER JrПре месец

    IYDIYDПре месец
  • Yassuo;one trick yasuo Nb3:one trick jungler

    DXTR0YER JrDXTR0YER JrПре месец
  • me after vid: kayn r does damage???

    OrangeOrangeПре месец
  • dat stand proud remix tho

    Ανδρεας ΧριστοφιλοπουλοςΑνδρεας ΧριστοφιλοπουλοςПре месец
  • momke

    Corey's TCGCorey's TCGПре месец
  • OHHHH!! who also noticee that thee title of this vid is beeingg change?

  • Nb3 congrats on get to grand master

    Jared LiuJared LiuПре месец
  • Monky Flip

    PhrostPhrostПре месец
  • 12:18 that death sound lol

    TheIncortTheIncortПре месец
  • 0:00 he dosen't even move his lips wtf

    flamaster30flamaster30Пре месец
  • The real question is... Strompest instead of Stylish?? What is wrong with you!!?

    AlakyruAlakyruПре месец
  • This outro is so ahhhh

    αι λαικ ιται λαικ ιτПре месец
  • NB3 is Human? LOL

    Koecheng PutehKoecheng PutehПре месец
  • the boosted bonobo is back!

    Justin KingsJustin KingsПре месец
  • 06:37 he sounds like an orc from warcraft 3. work work

    TheIncortTheIncortПре месец
  • 9:53 i think im on the wrong website

    theYeetertheYeeterПре месец
  • So I’m not the only one who was hearing Moonlight right?

    Aziah RileyAziah RileyПре месец
  • 12:18 NightBlue trying to make Ahri death sound

    AltairAltairПре месец
  • Based on the title nb3 is expecting wukong is a cat

    kent angkent angПре месец
  • 12:19 talk about death sounds

    Logan NobleLogan NobleПре месец
  • 5:56 NB laughs just like Wu! LOL

    David KamenaDavid KamenaПре месец
  • I like that videos become more than 15min

    MohazukiMohazukiПре месец
  • washed up complaining headass. always complaining when a game seems "lost" bet you wont put those clips in your videos. pussy

    TehFinalBrickTehFinalBrickПре месец
  • Didn't this video be called something else?

    SeroSeroПре месец

    Art DemayoArt DemayoПре месец
  • Hello Boss, LOVE your Videos, inspired this Swedish noob to create my own gaming chanel, trying to learn and do my best in my sparetime when im not working or spending time at the gym! If you wanna take some of your time to give some tips on how to grow on this platform it would be highly appreciated! since im stuck at maybe 40 viewers on my videos hehe Much love from your swedish fans!

    DenzooDenzooПре месец
  • Nb3: accidentally picks monkey champ Also nb: IT IS W H A T IT IS

    Elijah PelitoElijah PelitoПре месец
  • Yo is it just me or this video was named Ooh Ooh Ah Ah and something else

    iQa6ariiQa6ariПре месец
  • Anybody else annoyed by constantly hearing the stream background music and the video background music at the same time?

    TheSoroLPTheSoroLPПре месец
  • 10:40 name?

    FrancoFrancoПре месец
  • day 11 to get nb3 to bring back kappa award

    Salty CheddarSalty CheddarПре месец
  • Yo idol Nb3 I like and respect your knowledge and skills in the game. I just have a curious question though, if you are ask to play as a pro will you take it man? It was a dream to be a pro player too, haha, too bad I'm not so good in the game. Keep giving us insightful content i love these stuffs.

    Dhel SaydaliDhel SaydaliПре месец
  • Love the videos with more games. Gj

    ShadowStormShadowStormПре месец
  • Nightblue3 u called my brudda monkey in titel ☹️

    Hukong15Hukong15Пре месец
  • its nb3 being himself :0

    1kick1kickПре месец
  • Never seen so many hopeful "almost" ashe arrows in one game.

    MrReallyunstableMrReallyunstableПре месец