20 феб 2021
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  • Did u hire Tobias Fate's editor?

    Istvan SzoboszlaiIstvan SzoboszlaiПре 2 дана
  • Brushy brushy never fails!...

    SKT T1 FAKERSKT T1 FAKERПре 4 дана
  • This Dokkan OSTs damn boi

    KH2FM Chris 03KH2FM Chris 03Пре 6 дана
  • Bom é o editor colocando meme BR kkkkkkkk

    Ricardo JuniorRicardo JuniorПре 6 дана
  • I love the way you play, I love the way you narrated your gameplays, I followed you since a long time ago... And I have to say that I sincerely dislike the new way you edit your videos now I wish you get back to the old way

    Ln. Ossiel Alejandro ArriagaLn. Ossiel Alejandro ArriagaПре 7 дана
  • 4:54 I always forget the name of this one

    AnimelorddAnimelorddПре 8 дана
  • More Rengo please

    Hardy 1Hardy 1Пре 8 дана
  • Listen night blue is cool but I definitely watch bc of the editing

    Drew FalkeDrew FalkeПре 8 дана
  • the edits tho

    X HakxcQ XX HakxcQ XПре 8 дана
  • Name of the versión of wild side? Edit: 0:41

    Aaron KitGBAaron KitGBПре 8 дана
  • I miss your Ranger

    Arab Gaming ZoneArab Gaming ZoneПре 8 дана
  • Can't stop laughing the edits is to good man ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)

    Aaron MendozaAaron MendozaПре 8 дана
  • Whenever I get jungle auto filled I just lock in Yuumi and wait for others to dodge. Works everytime

    wajok Billwajok BillПре 8 дана
  • Someone honor editor best edit over world :D

    Dávid HabánekDávid HabánekПре 8 дана
  • NO WAY thats SivHD's "Brushy Brushy" @ 00:38

    Artjom VArtjom VПре 8 дана
  • Props for the title!

    thememeteam 032thememeteam 032Пре 9 дана
  • Im truly impressed by the amounts of memes and soundbites the editor can find for every video

    Daniel CraigDaniel CraigПре 9 дана
  • Dear Nightblue I miss the days when we came here, simply to watch Nightblue's funny gameplays peacefully(we didn't care if it was a 22min video because it was fun) and maybe some funny jokes and references here and there but as you can see the editing's too god damn much like your recent vids as well(it's like ".exe" vids) Please if by a rare chance that you've read this comment, please try uploading a video where you literally just play a fun game (like the old days) (with the rem intro) with little as much as little editings here and there thankyou and I love you. p.s. I will post this comment whenever I can and will await until it happens

    Francisco Ramon C. Pardinez, Jr.Francisco Ramon C. Pardinez, Jr.Пре 9 дана
  • That Shen at 6:32 💀💀 Bruh he must be NB3 long lost twin brother.

    Jason NguyenJason NguyenПре 9 дана
  • 0:01 Smite and cleanse?

    The JokerThe JokerПре 9 дана
  • Darius jungle vid when

    Anh Nguyễn ViệtAnh Nguyễn ViệtПре 9 дана
  • RenGOD is bacc

    unFortunateunFortunateПре 9 дана
  • I love the edits men

    Juan SeabiagaJuan SeabiagaПре 9 дана
  • this is what bad content looks like

    lilsaladlilsaladПре 9 дана
  • that start had me so fuking ez ahjhaha

    tiago jardimtiago jardimПре 9 дана
  • These videos shorter than night blue!

    RyanRyanПре 9 дана
  • aatrox is insane

    Quoc Thai NguyenQuoc Thai NguyenПре 9 дана
  • 5:57

    goldengoldenПре 9 дана
  • 6:57 Nyaa

    MrArios YTMrArios YTПре 9 дана
  • 4:14 tell me one reason not to make that the new pogchamp

    ESPZ FafnirESPZ FafnirПре 9 дана
  • Yo I didn’t know they swapped ghost and smites icons? Nightblue ahead of the curve as always

    broadway is a thingbroadway is a thingПре 9 дана
  • I wish i was the rengar in that thumbnail 😜

    henry rabarahenry rabaraПре 9 дана
  • Bc of editor this game had been come league of mems Well done editore❤

    D3KAD3KAПре 9 дана
  • i guess editor was paid extra for putting that triple kill sound at 6.55 minutes 😁

    Gamers DistrictGamers DistrictПре 9 дана
  • The sound effect so detail. ❤️

    Ryan Dwi ChristiantoRyan Dwi ChristiantoПре 9 дана
  • E

    Leviathan49Leviathan49Пре 9 дана
  • Brushie brushie lol

    RaijūRaijūПре 9 дана
  • The fart noises are not funny... pls let it be

    RafRafПре 9 дана
  • Lol

    Leonardo SilvinoLeonardo SilvinoПре 9 дана
  • your thumbnails are funny mannnn XD

    DukeDukeПре 9 дана
  • Just opened the video by just reading the title i think it's a habit now . i need stop watching STEPBROS videos

    Ghassene BadraGhassene BadraПре 9 дана
  • I'm a simple man, I hear Beastars I upvote!

    Gergely SárköziGergely SárköziПре 9 дана
  • song on 3:50?

    LuckLuckПре 9 дана
  • Editor deserves the next kappa award :D

    Szilard JakabSzilard JakabПре 9 дана
  • bro one sub one love if u can ;)

    UltrahUltrahПре 9 дана
  • Thats a very very interesting thumbnail

    S.L.E.OS.L.E.OПре 9 дана
  • RSworld is gonna shut down this channel sooner or later because of some thumbnail.

    joshua diolantojoshua diolantoПре 9 дана
  • No the greatest rengar of the all times, but for sure the funniest rengar of the all times, but i'm pretty sure that's doesn't help you to play better :o ly

    Necro DandaNecro DandaПре 9 дана
  • stop inting

    ben doverben doverПре 9 дана
  • I think we should take a day off just to watch old nb vids with crit rengar

    Miki ReaperMiki ReaperПре 9 дана
  • For some reason that Tyler screaming gets me every time lol

    horatio velveteenhoratio velveteenПре 9 дана
  • Man this Editor is on a whoooole different Level, jesus kissed him at His birth i guess

    Senior AzErSenior AzErПре 9 дана
  • That thumbnail used to have Tyler on it XD

    Adrian Hernandez SaldañaAdrian Hernandez SaldañaПре 9 дана
  • This vid should be named nb going for even trades every time

    Oingo BoingoOingo BoingoПре 9 дана
  • 0:36 proof that nb3 is a bush head

    T3MB3RT3MB3RПре 9 дана
  • It’s funny because I actually know scrubnoob irl 😂

    Salmond OutdoorsSalmond OutdoorsПре 9 дана
  • It is just me or the order of these video is wrong? The LP of NB3 continuously decline after videos :))))

    Ai MikazeAi MikazeПре 9 дана
  • Solid edit of the nightblue 3 hair with rengar. That actually had me laughing. Thumbnails are amazing as well. Loving it!

    ShinoosuShinoosuПре 9 дана
  • I blinked and the video ended

    비비비비Пре 9 дана
  • The thumbnail was a masterpiece 👌🏾

    _C1NDER3LLA__C1NDER3LLA_Пре 9 дана
  • Attack on titan season 4 favourite anime of the year

    Abhishek NaithaniAbhishek NaithaniПре 9 дана
  • why not try hail of blades with kraken slayer.

    Rosswell TubungbanuaRosswell TubungbanuaПре 9 дана
  • Wheres the nocturne vid?

    StarLightStarLightПре 9 дана
  • Me : sees thumbnail* "Always has been"

    rendell zamorarendell zamoraПре 9 дана
  • we are really neigh to being a hentai channel roooooofl

    Alan YkAlan YkПре 9 дана
  • The OG is back

    JV PadillaJV PadillaПре 9 дана

  • We want to see a darius game

    tom jamestom jamesПре 9 дана
  • The thumbnail😳😳

    That DerpThat DerpПре 9 дана
  • Like for the memes

    Hèctor RodriguezHèctor RodriguezПре 9 дана
  • That SivHD said brushy brushy in 0:38 remember me about the good old days when league is fun

    ホアンホアンПре 9 дана
    • I was searchin for a comment like this

      SKT T1 FAKERSKT T1 FAKERПре 4 дана
  • "Rengar sucks", says Nightbitch. Turns out, he was the one who sucks.

    Ray DenkiRay DenkiПре 9 дана
  • Funny much but there's an ACTUAL Doujin for the thumbnail 😏

    BSC LieutenantBSC LieutenantПре 9 дана
  • Bruh why your video's so short 😭

    Montather AlaaMontather AlaaПре 9 дана
  • Pause on 0:24 ..... you welcome ahaha

    Kiko BigKiko BigПре 9 дана
  • Wait, am i the only one who tought at 04:00 soulja boys song is gonna come in.

    outof hereoutof hereПре 9 дана
  • Did he said "smite cleanse Nunu mid" when nunu had ghost?

    O BO BПре 9 дана
  • Love eddp45.

    wassupwassupПре 9 дана
  • imagine being a nightblue fan ew

    gool gegool geПре 9 дана
  • Nb3: Dies Editor: *flute music*

    Surub3l 2.0Surub3l 2.0Пре 9 дана
  • I feel like with every video there are more and more sound effects being added per second

    SonicEXSonicEXПре 9 дана
  • i love it when aatrox q in the video , so funny =))

    Tiến Đạt LêTiến Đạt LêПре 9 дана
  • What is nb3 key bind for the item store

    Neil SortoNeil SortoПре 9 дана
  • Best content on yt. Do you guys have the music at 3:46 ? Ty

    GorfgarfGorfgarfПре 9 дана
  • Bushy bushy

    I GroupornI GroupornПре 9 дана
  • Smite and cleanse nunu mid? Or ghost cleanse nunu mid?

    Prograsp 54Prograsp 54Пре 9 дана
  • What name the track in 2:40 :(

    Mohammed JamalMohammed JamalПре 9 дана
  • Noooooooo, why sis already did this 2 me and this is not Alabama, so nooooo

    Turma10 CT2Turma10 CT2Пре 9 дана
  • Yo step-blue im stuck in bronze

    DenchiDenchiПре 9 дана
  • At this point I might as well sacrifice some memes to the editor to show my appreciation

    András ZahorákAndrás ZahorákПре 9 дана
  • disco nunu?

    Yz AlexandrovnaYz AlexandrovnaПре 9 дана
  • Hey editor give me some of what you're smoking damn beautiful video

    RyuXen VlogsRyuXen VlogsПре 9 дана
  • This is indeed a child friendly channel

    KVL GamerKVL GamerПре 9 дана
  • Rengarino go brrr

    Emil JonssonEmil JonssonПре 9 дана
  • I come home f*cked AF and this is the best part of my day.

    Erik StrömErik StrömПре 9 дана
  • 0:38 siv hd brushy brushy.....feelings

    Leonardo TorreseLeonardo TorreseПре 9 дана
  • why does he have a yellow Riot thing on all the champs ? what does that mean

    Tiago AraújoTiago AraújoПре 9 дана
  • Do singed

    CrusafixCrusafixПре 9 дана
  • These thumbnails are getting out of hand

    Prince TamracPrince TamracПре 9 дана
  • That Rengar jump from his hair got me

    Vinh TranVinh TranПре 9 дана