21 сеп 2020
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  • Good thing comments are going fast, no one will know I'm gay.

    DragonProfDragonProfПре месец
    • K

      Toxic CataoneToxic CataoneПре 23 дана
    • Oof size increasing

      ruben torreruben torreПре месец
    • Wohooo

      RoundDonnutRoundDonnutПре месец
    • Bruh he pinned it

      Pussy DestroyerPussy DestroyerПре месец
    • He pined it hahahaahahaa quality this community is so fun

      Marvelous JesterMarvelous JesterПре месец
  • I saw this pun for VI somewhere... I wonder where? :O :O ;) ;)

    DogzuDogzuПре 12 дана
  • u r washed nd1

    Dyl DDyl DПре 17 дана
  • lol NA ranked is a joke

    LiL BruhLiL BruhПре 21 дан
  • love the pokemon music

    Aven7218Aven7218Пре 23 дана
  • Fking cancer

    Christopher Hover CayuanChristopher Hover CayuanПре 23 дана
  • 4:31 NB, u lost ur cat :\

    Serojka MindruSerojka MindruПре 24 дана
  • my build has a weakness called the turret

    Josh FlorenceJosh FlorenceПре 26 дана
  • Hail of blades is so much better than conquer on vi.

    Houda AlnajarHouda AlnajarПре 28 дана
  • Okay video, whats with the weirdo weeb girl in the corner of your screen? Just weird/doesnt belong

    Jess CruzJess CruzПре 29 дана
  • any1 got that jojo's remix link?

    SaekoPhantomSaekoPhantomПре месец
  • in your first game , your top is rank 1 lan

    Victor ValladaresVictor ValladaresПре месец
  • Pls 9:30 Song, someone.

    Mundo JugosoMundo JugosoПре месец
  • im getting anxiety about the edits' cut

    Nathaniel PradoNathaniel PradoПре месец
  • I Like cause of yuno covering the map

    Besserals duBesserals duПре месец
  • God you're garbage at Vi

    [Ɖeceive][Ɖeceive]Пре месец
  • Have you ever tried electrocute crit lethality vi?

    FateFateПре месец
  • omni stone skarner top, heca mid panth supp hahaa okk

    merdad berouzimerdad berouziПре месец
  • what's the name of the music start from 0:48

    萊姆君萊姆君Пре месец

    Erik ProstakErik ProstakПре месец
  • He's a good player but damn can he be annoying

    IshkahIshkahПре месец
  • nightblue you are the best sometimes i am sad am then i am watching you and i am luaghing pls keep it up like this

    xristina blitsaxristina blitsaПре месец
  • Why is that music so loud NB3 ?

    ibrahim hamurciibrahim hamurciПре месец
  • You literally are so pathetic lol “ why don’t you contact your Riot friend to get everybody that shits on you banned “ lool Clown ass streamer

    Ricky duarteRicky duarteПре месец
  • does nb3 not know he can use his headset wireless?? he always has the cord in

    James EkholmJames EkholmПре месец
  • cool

    doing63doing63Пре месец
  • Rayman soundtracks! love em

    Goomy Van HattemGoomy Van HattemПре месец
  • what hecarım has no scaling and closer has %85 win rate in challenger 1000 lp okayyy

    Hasan ÖzdemirHasan ÖzdemirПре месец
  • Isnt 21 Stylish , LL stylish (not a sylas main)

    Akshat AnandAkshat AnandПре месец
  • Your hairline is like Vegeta, you should be honored

    Jacob CassJacob CassПре месец
  • 18:25..... Is that a mfkin jojo reference ? 😂

    Verbux VerVerbux VerПре месец

    sakurasakuraПре месец
  • one punch ma- i mean vi

    theYeetertheYeeterПре месец
  • When he says gargoyle I remember riverdale

  • Ur so toxic. Fr tho like I cant believe I even liked watching ur vids before sheesh

    Aaron ManlapazAaron ManlapazПре месец
  • Nightblue's hairline is higher than his elo

    ScheveScheveПре месец
  • Running Black cleaver into stoneplate with GA is like saying that your running down as an actual tank.

    A.R.C AricA.R.C AricПре месец
  • that vi splash art actually looks like bakugou

    Angus ChenAngus ChenПре месец
  • Nb3 u boosted faking bonobo ur real rank is gold

    Guo SnoeijGuo SnoeijПре месец
  • I miss nb3 face in the thumbnail. can we get rengar jumping out if nb3's hair in the next rengar vid thumbnail

    ElyikaElyikaПре месец
  • i really love when to cuphead music starts

    Andrei RusuAndrei RusuПре месец
  • love the video like always but pls nightblue can you make a video on sylas jungle and make him op

    Alexander HenriksenAlexander HenriksenПре месец
  • wow , JoJo music start in most epic moment

    Asmir HadzicAsmir HadzicПре месец
  • i see doe my gnome boy i come to comment

    daniel jackdaniel jackПре месец
  • So would these items also work on lillia? Im playing very agressive a lot.

    Froze HDFroze HDПре месец
  • Song in 15:10 someone knows? It is to short part to find by lyrics

    KitsuKitsuПре месец
  • Where was the one punch??

    Liam RobinsonLiam RobinsonПре месец
  • Title: ONE PUNCH Vi Me: Look at the picture and count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 punches nb3 u liar

    Donglin JinDonglin JinПре месец
  • Bruh, Is that Skarner Merthos? Ayyyyy

    MeepabooMeepabooПре месец
  • I WANT this sound 1:40

    Herox _DabHerox _DabПре месец
  • tft mains watching this : Oh he played warlord brawler and spirit hunter

  • Ik it's not that impressive but I made it to gold with almost all yuumi and some soraka

    Cj AllenCj AllenПре месец
  • what happened to nightcore nb3

    FlyFlyПре месец
  • Damn that Vi skin looks so fking good

    Đăng Lê HảiĐăng Lê HảiПре месец
  • lol it's rank 1 hecarim Doaenel

    Zombat ParagonZombat ParagonПре месец
  • Broooo. NB3 literally disrespects all of them hahahahah. I stopped playing league 4 years ago but I still watch Nb3, that's how I love this guy! Keep being awesome

    eric manaloeric manaloПре месец
  • I am afraid of rengar. He will jump out of nb3 hair

    Ervinas SiksnysErvinas SiksnysПре месец
  • Tf is this musice at first drake

    Maher AridiMaher AridiПре месец

    Ivailo IvanovIvailo IvanovПре месец
  • Poor Merthos :(

    HeraldineTGHeraldineTGПре месец
  • maybe it's time to change the fighting music

    Hitsu 'MinHitsu 'MinПре месец
  • Ibrahimovic berencana gabung di sini

    Herdi AnsyahHerdi AnsyahПре месец
  • Nojoke you inted hard in early

    Jan zjJan zjПре месец
  • 2:34 ONE PUNCH ? more like ONE-TEN ... get it ?

    Solid_Fox354Solid_Fox354Пре месец
  • 11:56 love the transition

    PleylnoxPleylnoxПре месец
  • I dont owe anybody anymore thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    wer sksower sksoПре месец
  • I love the titles like this. No clickbait, just simple and efficient.

    MrVirrowMrVirrowПре месец
  • Can someone tell me what is the theme that plays at around 9:30 minutes?

    גלעד עגלעד עПре месец
  • God this game is breaking at the seams.

    A.K.A.A.K.A.Пре месец
  • this is the game nightblue learned that unsealed spell book means he might have to outsmite the midlane

    Hank MoodyHank MoodyПре месец
  • do u have an exact build at vi or your build depends on the enemy? I really want to copy ur build

  • I'm in the chat. Feelsgoodman

    phil magalhaesphil magalhaesПре месец
  • You have to play among us with other streamers and Tyler

    Konstantinos KatsikisKonstantinos KatsikisПре месец
  • Too much ads Nightblue.

    Pep2424Pep2424Пре месец
  • What happened with editing? It's the same every new video, kinda bored to watch, man. We can see exactly the same on your stream just without the jojo music -_-

    lola kozhanovalola kozhanovaПре месец
  • If nightblue is having fun, i'm having fun too. :D

    DedomaxYTDedomaxYTПре месец
  • Is the enemy Darius really Canna?? If it's him then no wonder he smacked Stylish

    KD EsmejardaKD EsmejardaПре месец
  • lia comes on stream me : yes yes yes that the content

    Mohamed .D. JantéMohamed .D. JantéПре месец
  • I miss the “vibes” I get from the old thumbnails and editing. Why did you switch again after you said it was going back to the old style. Still like the content, I just prefer the older style

    bluecow29bluecow29Пре месец
  • I remember when nightblue palyed 100%crit VI and he say that crit is his version of tankynes because.. " the fastes you kill them you take less damage " 5head

    Adrian Hernandez SaldañaAdrian Hernandez SaldañaПре месец
  • Thanks for the vid NIghtblue much love!

    PugMaster 101PugMaster 101Пре месец

    TizsuyakuTizsuyakuПре месец
  • I haven't played Vi that way. Imma try it out. Thanks for the gr8 gameplay

    Tyrant Siege Terminator SergeantTyrant Siege Terminator SergeantПре месец
  • The video started with an ad in which a bald guy was talking I was like Nightblue nooo

    Enache AndreiEnache AndreiПре месец
  • when this video make ? because the enemy zac have an old Ultimate, the new ultime zac its, he flood in the floor and cacth the player and bring the player to his friend iam right ?

    Ardy JuniartoArdy JuniartoПре месец
    • It was made it line 1 month ago, i saw this gameplay on stream

      Adrian Hernandez SaldañaAdrian Hernandez SaldañaПре месец
    • Sorry if i wrong :)

      Ardy JuniartoArdy JuniartoПре месец
  • 10:52 tf2 theme song

    KrackzyKrackzyПре месец
  • Yooo what is that silky music at 1:38 thoughhh

    Kiyoshi YamanakaKiyoshi YamanakaПре месец
  • NB3: That's one tanky crab. Me: That's one weird looking crab. Jokes aside, loved the video!

    JustAGirlOnYoutubeJustAGirlOnYoutubeПре месец
  • I wonder what is NB3's stand.

    TeoTeoПре месец
  • u so bad HAHAHAHA

    Nelson EnrikeNelson EnrikeПре месец

    i luv tacosi luv tacosПре месец
  • Hi Nightblue, I completely understand that you don't show the Minimap on stream to avoid getting stream sniped. But it would be really nice if it was recorded separately and added afterwards to the videos to give a better clue about what is going on on the map. Otherwise great work, keep it up

    Philipp VogelgsangPhilipp VogelgsangПре месец
    • Is a little dificult but it could be nice

      Adrian Hernandez SaldañaAdrian Hernandez SaldañaПре месец
  • Thank You for entertaining me always when I'm high. Rly thank You

    TheRazleyTheRazleyПре месец
  • play some j4 sometime

    Dodz13x TCDodz13x TCПре месец
  • iFyOuPLaYiTriGhtiTSCalLes every champ who does damage scales at some point being in good hands and dont put that tf2 music like you're not gonna suck 1v1

    ReinReinПре месец
  • Idk why but i realized Junglers are like Fathers Sometimes that have a favorite like how a dad has a child Sometimes they say they will come to your lane like a dad "comes" to you baseball games Sometimes they say they will brb like they are going to get milk and dont show up for 20 years I'm also collecting hearts on this comment got it from Quantum and Broxah so far

    Jacob BridgesJacob BridgesПре месец
  • 1:18 THIS MUSIC AHHH😍😍

    Thorin 5Thorin 5Пре месец
  • Vi is fucking good champ

    TenshiTenshiПре месец
  • you dont build a tri force on vi? thought it was cruical for her.

    Tru3StrayaTru3StrayaПре месец
  • How many games of FF did it take for you to get the good clips here? 😂 cause everyone already knows you're toxic when not recording 😃

    matthew111istmatthew111istПре месец
    • What do you mean 😂 he is not a toxic streamer any more

      Adrian Hernandez SaldañaAdrian Hernandez SaldañaПре месец