NOCTURNE MID IS GOD TIER!! (21 kilIs) | MID LANE IS TOO EASY! - League of Legends

5 сеп 2020
263 778 Приказа

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  • If you use Lethal tempo, you kill the enemy lanner lv 1 without ignite, only with the Q AD bônus and atack speed.

    Sidartha SuaviSidartha SuaviПре 22 дана
  • I love the my hero acedemia songs

    Da dudesDa dudesПре 24 дана
  • if my boy nightblu can do this, my bronze 3 ass can do it too

    Lawrence LeLawrence LeПре 26 дана
  • Love that u playing nocturne

    hyrus wjtkhyrus wjtkПре месец
  • this guy would be nowhere without his editor its crazy watching him without the edits is like watching the big bang theory without the laugh track lmao

    SoA MontrealSoA MontrealПре месец
  • Nunu : "Report noct please" at the end, something we didn't see happenend ? :D

    janissaire111janissaire111Пре месец
    • Nightblue is hella toxic when he’s tilted lol. Probably flaming his team

      Evil EpidorEvil EpidorПре 14 дана
  • I just realized that nightblue3's editor loves dragon ball: dokkan battle for sure, the LR STR gogeta's dokkan event ost is in every single video, and he puts other character post that i couldn't recognize but for sure was a dokkan song

    Víctor Méndez GuitartVíctor Méndez GuitartПре месец
  • Humble NB3 evrything is easy....

    Marcin CinusMarcin CinusПре месец
  • song name 8:53

    José Eduardo Rubio PérezJosé Eduardo Rubio PérezПре месец
  • cool

    doing63doing63Пре месец
  • Please help me

    Jason LiJason LiПре месец
  • You forgot the " RIOT STOLE MY PENTA"

    Adrian Hernandez SaldañaAdrian Hernandez SaldañaПре месец
  • The music of this video was perfect for every moment (big time rush is the best boyband )

    Adrian Hernandez SaldañaAdrian Hernandez SaldañaПре месец
  • Hey @Nightblue3 nice video keep them coming i will always drop a like at you.It's your old buddy Hiurymaru/Burnl at twitch here.Thank you so much for everything you tought me a lot of thinks in LOL.I will wait your next video.TIll next time. BXNoctum NEEU Server DoFlammingo NA Server Best regards, ''I will become Gamemasters nightmare''

    Burn LGRBurn LGRПре месец
  • 8:00 ost name lr gobros active skill from dokkan battle

    SSGJohnSSGJohnПре месец
  • I will not like any video whit this outro

    ForeverTragedyForeverTragedyПре месец
  • Jungle mid is god tier ( xin zhao lethality, nocturne spells shield plus ult into jgl

    Mich LinMich LinПре месец
  • Noc is not a basic champ 😑😑😑 it's a Garbage Champ

    XtroCtyXtroCtyПре месец
  • Yikers, cringe

    Zealan SpenceZealan SpenceПре месец

    IsseiIsseiПре месец
  • You inted against Kingstix

    Nicolas Ignacio Carpo AndrewsNicolas Ignacio Carpo AndrewsПре месец
    • u cant get out of lowelo

      Aws_ SmogAws_ SmogПре месец
  • This guy got tilted off his seat when he LOST to kingstix 😂 ☠️

    MacbooknoMacbooknoПре месец
    • @Adrian Hernandez Saldaña Woah man, i can't seem to find who asked! Stay worshiping this guy tho, Silver Scarlet. *YIKES*

      MacbooknoMacbooknoПре месец
    • He wasnt tilted for loosing againts him, that bad youtuber just used the title for clickbait saying " nightblue is not humble" 😂😂 cringe

      Adrian Hernandez SaldañaAdrian Hernandez SaldañaПре месец
  • Stop lol for 8 months. Come back and ofcourse need to watch nd3 my boy 🤪🤪

    Anh TranAnh TranПре месец
  • Still hate this cringe outro

    Cody HoytCody HoytПре месец

    KCHUN YKCHUN YПре месец
  • guys watch kingstixx he is better

    Iván CalvoIván CalvoПре месец
  • I like that we're both dying inside

    Philip FrithPhilip FrithПре месец
  • gg

    stilian golemanovstilian golemanovПре месец
  • is it only me that when i hear em say plz drop a like i feel sorry for em and i press it right after XD

  • 2:11 I dont know why, but I had to laugh so hard

    Spongebob SchwammkopfSpongebob SchwammkopfПре месец
  • Good job humble guy on trashtalking someone who's better than you bahahahhaha. I lost respect. -1 from me.

    GhabriabdouGhabriabdouПре месец
  • The outro is amazing, can’t get enough of it. The song is literally stuck in my head

    MasterOfNoobsGaming :DMasterOfNoobsGaming :DПре месец
  • Where the CY@

    Aji - kunAji - kunПре месец
  • Galio is such an easy matchup

    Sky BoardSky BoardПре месец
  • Nb3 is just too good at the game ❤️

    SelenaSelenaПре месец
  • Artful I love your editing especially the pokemon music.

    Vivek NatarajanVivek NatarajanПре месец
  • from unranked mid only?)

    Байр БоваевБайр БоваевПре месец
  • I just found out the girl in his intro is Rem

    ukneecornukneecornПре месец
  • 10:13 : oh no i'm stuck mom : WTF IS GOING ON HERE

    Danny The blind guyDanny The blind guyПре месец
  • When you hit me with the Big time rush "Oh" thats when you got my like :D Just laughed so hard xD

    Amicos 54Amicos 54Пре месец
  • *Relax.* 💡💡

    God's CommunityGod's CommunityПре месец
  • Not gonna lie, I'm loving the Kripp-style intro to the videos. Keep it up!

    Fatamerican101Fatamerican101Пре месец
  • nightblue3 do a unrank to challanger maybe on midlane only and if u get fill u play that but anyways only midlane unrank to challanger

    SclabutzuSclabutzuПре месец
  • Nocturne main here really helps a lot,thnx bro

    Arem EvangelistaArem EvangelistaПре месец
  • Cool i never saw u mid

    Nada AndjelićNada AndjelićПре месец
  • When I see Edited by Artful, I know I'm in for a good video with lots of laughs :)

    SinnyDollSinnyDollПре месец

    Miguel IcuspitMiguel IcuspitПре месец
  • Dumbass streamer

    Niket PatelNiket PatelПре месец
  • i can hear Cowsep screaming:"I FUCKING HATE THAT ITEM"

    Itsuka ChanItsuka ChanПре месец
  • He is s***mid

    AltijdQuinten#orgineelAltijdQuinten#orgineelПре месец
  • Song min 8:47?

    José Eduardo Rubio PérezJosé Eduardo Rubio PérezПре месец
  • Unsub bois. Dont be simps

    PlixiityPlixiityПре месец
  • Brooooo why subscribers are down u was 2.67 m

    Soliman AljurfSoliman AljurfПре месец
  • the part that nigthblue says "midlane is so easy", then in an other side, Moe says "jungler is so easy". We know that only support is so easy, lmao.

    Kalazey ActivitiKalazey ActivitiПре месец
  • WTF 6 adds in one video

    R.M. GaddiR.M. GaddiПре месец
  • I don't owe anyone anymore thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Dawn MilaDawn MilaПре месец
  • 7:35 Blue trinket helps, and thats why u always get that when u play noc

    TozyKTozyKПре месец
  • mid is easy lmao

    SchwifitySchwifityПре месец
  • can NB3 playing midlane!!???

    the good man peperthe good man peperПре месец
  • Take midlaners to the jungle

    Francisco Jimenez PeñaFrancisco Jimenez PeñaПре месец
  • Whenever this simp uploads a singed jungle vid I'll start watching his stream

    godslayer3241godslayer3241Пре месец
    • You should start watching it now

      Adrian Hernandez SaldañaAdrian Hernandez SaldañaПре месец
  • just dont play jg xD

    Victor OrellanaVictor OrellanaПре месец
  • Am I the only one who noticed that bug; E doesn’t cancel when galio used zhonyas?

    Joseph Ethan Del RosarioJoseph Ethan Del RosarioПре месец
  • Yea mid is rlly easy lol but nocturne mid also not very balanced tbh

    Wouter SWouter SПре месец
  • Is he good against zed?

    lawrence Romerolawrence RomeroПре месец
  • noice..

    senkasenkaПре месец
  • Man i just watched u stream for 2 days in a row and dear lord you are toxic... Didn't expect that from you nightblue tbh... Tilted AF, bitching at your teammates, muting them over nothing etc. I am disappointed in you and your attitude for the games that i watched you play on stream.. I hope you aren't always like that..

    KitetheTidecallerKitetheTidecallerПре месец
  • Been so long since I've seen my boy play 🥺 go get em best jungler ever

    Klaus SokimiKlaus SokimiПре месец
  • my ears can't hear, can you put a better subtitles pls :(

    no oneno oneПре месец
  • Can’t be losing as many games as me 😢

    Goliath_RedGoliath_RedПре месец
  • That Pokémon Musik on the top inhibtower xd

    Purple RaikiriPurple RaikiriПре месец
  • Is that a chicken? 🐔😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    The Fallen AThe Fallen AПре месец
  • Thank you for posting

    dimitrios Beroukadimitrios BeroukaПре месец
  • 10:13 best

    TurculetulTurculetulПре месец
  • I really need the name of the song in 9:50, ty

    El canal de FeralEl canal de FeralПре месец
  • 3:24 whats the name of this piece?

    Krister KarlsonKrister KarlsonПре месец
  • Moe will say this is fake

    amine assouikamine assouikПре месец
  • Love u NB...

    Samuel SperoneSamuel SperoneПре месец
  • I really love the new style of video.

    nerochaos99nerochaos99Пре месец
  • Oh no I am stuck XDDDD

    ck4u04ck4u04Пре месец
  • How tf did you get midlane autofilling when if I try to put mid as first role it takes me a 10 minutes queue before getting autofilled

    Jim DelpiterJim DelpiterПре месец
  • mid nocturne is talon if he was even easier

    ZeveaiZeveaiПре месец
  • Can we get a vote regarding the new vs old intro? I'm actually a fan of the old one a lot more.

    Custom Coin Rings USACustom Coin Rings USAПре месец
  • 9:49 STILL LOVE THIS MUSIC❤️❤️❤️

    Thorin 5Thorin 5Пре месец
  • If you read this nb3, go back to top lane if you get too tilted in the jungle. I remember you had a fun time top lane when jungle was nerfed af

    There is a Spy among usThere is a Spy among usПре месец
  • well i today went velkoz sup and got a 21/6/23 xD

    AthenssandroAthenssandroПре месец
  • nb3 midlane to challenger??? 👿

    Jacob TranJacob TranПре месец
  • Keep these quality edit

    SknadSknadПре месец
  • 5:20

    Reuben AzurReuben AzurПре месец
  • Dude, stop! You're making it look too easy! :)

    Sarah ErnstSarah ErnstПре месец
  • nightblue is mid. Yasuo is jg. Tyler 1 is top. wtf is happinging

    Magnus jåstadMagnus jåstadПре месец
  • Nightblue if you like my comment i will cut my hair just like you


    EliteShadownEliteShadownПре месец
  • Nightblue: I queue up for autofill and I got mid lane Meanwhile me who queues up for mid and gets support

    PlaDKapa officialPlaDKapa officialПре месец
  • good luck fan since grave jng spaming s5

    ahmed obayahmed obayПре месец
  • man that 7 games away from challenger is jinxed like imagine nb3 got baited by 200k dollars that he didnt get and still dont wanna ban that guy lul

    ahmed obayahmed obayПре месец
  • Now we need rengar with the Mimi song

    Xenophenix3Xenophenix3Пре месец
  • yoyoyo! :)

    DJ_ Newmoon [N_M]DJ_ Newmoon [N_M]Пре месец
  • Gotta be honest his Hair looks so Hot

    Definetly EkkoDefinetly EkkoПре месец
  • Mike and josh make pretty good content if ur still in touch with them

    POO POOPOO POOПре месец