16 сеп 2020
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  • Night blue plays like pussy

    Sofija MitrovicSofija MitrovicПре 15 дана
  • Hahaha awesome video bro!!! Keep it up!! 🔥🤘🤩

    Robert The CollectorRobert The CollectorПре 18 дана
  • T1 Zander Ford is waving at you.

    kHan DayakHan DayaПре 24 дана
  • this vid didnt age well lmao

    Schuyler DealSchuyler DealПре 26 дана
  • who won twitch rivals 😳😳😳😳

    zorrakuzorrakuПре 28 дана
  • isnt nb3 a fortnite streamer?

    gogokittyexpressgogokittyexpressПре месец
  • What happened, you dropped in twitch rivals? ROFL

    BJ OberaBJ OberaПре месец
  • what do you mean jungle diff?

    ClassyfrIeClassyfrIeПре месец
  • Trashcan got carried by his team lmao.

    Wyatt StroudWyatt StroudПре месец
  • mymix

    kübra gökçekübra gökçeПре месец
  • ayyy

    doing63doing63Пре месец
  • where my tf2 boys at?

    Petar JovanovićPetar JovanovićПре месец
  • T1 is seriously a joke idk how people like his content

    ImFriendlyImFriendlyПре месец
  • To be honest, this outro is kind of umm... disturbing

    Mr.Scrambled EggheadMr.Scrambled EggheadПре месец
  • Every time t1 jungles against in solo q it’s a easy dub

    patrick robertsonpatrick robertsonПре месец
  • For the content my ass

    Hunter WatkinsHunter WatkinsПре месец
  • Jesus this guy is so bad, no wonder he can’t even get challenger on his MAIN role zzz

    Carlos CastilloCarlos CastilloПре месец
    • Faaaaan boy

      A PersonA PersonПре месец

    Jan OlejnikJan OlejnikПре месец
  • Tony top is insane tho

    Zuer SawasZuer SawasПре месец

    JohnBoutsJohnBoutsПре месец
  • bro his team is so nice. he's running it and they say nothing negative

    Zi ThegamerZi ThegamerПре месец
  • A team with the most toxic player in league is blaming each other? Who would have guessed?

    CatchPhaseCatchPhaseПре месец
  • 11:10 that;s why Jankos said smite every time drakes barons

    OthelloOthelloПре месец
  • amazing video ma man , u actually made my day keep it up !

    Ibrahim HamdanIbrahim HamdanПре месец
  • Diamond

    Sam ChurchSam ChurchПре месец
  • Nightblue disrespecting T1 with assassin picks lol

    alial66alial66Пре месец
  • go play YASUO

    vainach vainachvainach vainachПре месец
  • 11:37 11:45 When I say people who are inspired by Nightblue to play jungle only peaks at D4 this is what I mean.

    Dunker OrtileDunker OrtileПре месец
  • Dats coz nightlube have GF and tyler dont. GF DIFF

    Александр ИвановАлександр ИвановПре месец
  • Imagine gettin clapped that hard by kingstix

    GabeGabeПре месец
  • that outro tho

    King LeonidasKing LeonidasПре месец
  • I like how nb3 doesn't show all of his deaths :)

    AlpharuxAlpharuxПре месец
  • For educational content, please ask for the like and say hi at the begining of the videos. I miss that a lot

    Adrian Hernandez SaldañaAdrian Hernandez SaldañaПре месец
  • Now that i've watched boku no hero academia, i appreciate the music so much

    Lorenzo DanauLorenzo DanauПре месец

    Critique TubeCritique TubeПре месец
  • 18:13 has dark seal, 18:19 sold dark seal lol.

    Nico CarrilloNico CarrilloПре месец
  • Why is NB so hardcore obsessed with T1..

    DynizeDynizeПре месец
  • "i think that the jungler is the weak point of tyler's team, you know what i am saying? "

    Adrian Hernandez SaldañaAdrian Hernandez SaldañaПре месец
  • NB: Inting montage Tony: Making himself montages

    Lờ Ấ MờLờ Ấ MờПре месец
  • pretty cringe ngl

    ArmanArmanПре месец
  • Best Comedy Movie ever especially that guy T1 so hilarious lmao. This deserves an Oscar 👏👏👏

    Silent But DeadlySilent But DeadlyПре месец
  • Nb3 will Be the better Jungle forever

    Willis VrbicaWillis VrbicaПре месец
  • 11:52 that was kinda running it down :D

    ShadowShadowПре месец
  • Youre like the male pokimane, just garbage

    ReptixTVReptixTVПре месец
  • Why is this Fortnite streamer playing League?

    BenDayho214BenDayho214Пре месец

      BJ OberaBJ OberaПре месец
  • GG idk why T1 chose those players lol

    Daniel AnjosDaniel AnjosПре месец
  • Best content! :3

    Sarah ErnstSarah ErnstПре месец
  • KK bush head,

    Don LeDon LeПре месец
  • You all can chill its skrims xD

    Denthony_Denthony_Пре месец
  • NB3: *kills Tyler* Tyler: *RAGE NOISES*

    GrandJoePlatinumGrandJoePlatinumПре месец
  • U litterally lost jungle and tried to 1v5 them lmao

    RickDeBeasttRickDeBeasttПре месец
  • Diff?

    RickDeBeasttRickDeBeasttПре месец
  • I like this type of highlights from multiple games content, but i would really appreciate if there were more videos of full games with coaching.

    Bojan StrugalovicBojan StrugalovicПре месец
  • What is the point of Tiamat on Kayn???

    Даниил ЛукинДаниил ЛукинПре месец
  • NB3 looks like a sexually frustrated virgin.

    Adrian Christopher MoldezAdrian Christopher MoldezПре месец
  • cringe

    chiskachiskaПре месец
  • I like the teamwork compared to t1 perspective just being tarzaned and tyler being toxic

    MarsXShadowMarsXShadowПре месец
  • This a great video great games

    cris romerocris romeroПре месец
  • Kingstix shouldn't watch the last game xD. Wp though NB3!

    Vuyo SidinileVuyo SidinileПре месец
  • Tony Top carried second game.

    Frankie SiuFrankie SiuПре месец
  • Who is that support he is a fucking god

    Daan BrinkDaan BrinkПре месец
  • Why not jgl diff the prequel

    ParapatParapatПре месец
  • This is my first time in my life see someone steal the baron from you D:

    Ibrahem Mohammed RedaIbrahem Mohammed RedaПре месец
  • the voice wobble at 13:07 is outstanding editing

    JamwameeJamwameeПре месец
  • So evelyn has a 40 sec cd flash that does like 1000 damage

    Alt F4Alt F4Пре месец
  • Nightblue milks T1 so goddamn much that the chihuahua boy's balls already look like dried grapes.

    Pedro CalebePedro CalebeПре месец
  • kekw

    IceblinkxIceblinkxПре месец
  • T1 is useless

    Nacho JijonNacho JijonПре месец
  • Put that toxic short man in his place! Love the vid

    Nathan BoswellNathan BoswellПре месец
  • Tyler1 One Bad Player Fake High elo player True İs Bronz Player Tyler

    BloodHubter 01BloodHubter 01Пре месец
  • you are content ^^ GG

    Nesco1991Nesco1991Пре месец
  • What is that champion? Going through walls like god damn

    Fung BungoFung BungoПре месец
  • nightblue: idk how to play evelynn also nightblue *Mastery7 eve* how did u get it then ? ummm ;)

    KillkoKillkoПре месец
    • Evelynn was in game for over 8 years not that hard to do lol

      Paweł ŁuszczPaweł ŁuszczПре месец
  • Hahahah. the best jungler for me 😚😚😚

    ren Colaren ColaПре месец
  • "jg diff" lmao you wish

    CptCactiCptCactiПре месец
  • Best triple game

    arabi gamerarabi gamerПре месец
  • NO ONE : nightblue3: im inside olaf kekw

    Reda MaiReda MaiПре месец
  • Idk how you can physically be bad at eve

    RoeRoeПре месец
  • After watching both perspectives gotta say there was a bit of a leader mentality diff, keep it up nb3

    Wolfy ToofyWolfy ToofyПре месец
  • If tarzan does jg this will be a hell of a lot harder, but t1 is doing this for content not for winning so I doubt that will happen.

    RoeRoeПре месец
  • gg my bruh

    Jonathan PadroJonathan PadroПре месец
  • This was very fun to watch on stream.

    Maryam HeshamMaryam HeshamПре месец
  • Wtf man? Is this the most ads in one video in youtube????

    Gabriel Angelo MatugasGabriel Angelo MatugasПре месец
  • You suck and you are so cringe lmao, why do you even stream or upload you are so garbage

    Alexander Mheen-GarschkeAlexander Mheen-GarschkeПре месец
  • It's always so good seeing T1 malding, thank you, Nightblue ❤️

    ArkaicosArkaicosПре месец
  • God i cant stand nightblues nasally voice

    Karl GergKarl GergПре месец
  • You best midget in NA!)

    Killer QueenKiller QueenПре месец
  • Team diff xD

    Alberto GarciaAlberto GarciaПре месец
  • picking tarzan is like picking depression

    MoogleMoogleПре месец
  • I want the Kappa Award comments back

    Lom GLom GПре месец
  • Nb3 removing kappa reward is imposible it cant hurt you Nb3 removing kappa reward :

    Balša DašićBalša DašićПре месец
  • T1 reached challenger on jungle Faster then you It doesnt matter how many hours he played or what division he is now ,and in this vid it’s a team diff not a jungle diff

    TheDragonul13TheDragonul13Пре месец
  • the top laner carry all your fights

    bidou 5353bidou 5353Пре месец
  • t1 is beter than u kid

    Γιαννης ΚωνστανταραςΓιαννης ΚωνστανταραςПре месец
  • What is the song at 8:30?

    Jony MendesJony MendesПре месец
  • I miss Mike.

    Luís Eduardo - ProjetosLuís Eduardo - ProjetosПре месец
  • Tony real mvp

    Vice VirtueVice VirtueПре месец
  • You are so fucking bad as Rengar.

    Ognjen DubravinOgnjen DubravinПре месец

    Master HeroMaster HeroПре месец
  • looking at tylers team after the fight, looked like train to busan blaming scene, horrific

    joshua del mundojoshua del mundoПре месец