25 јан 2021
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Nightblue3 reacts to memez
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#memes #fails #nightblue3 #reaction

  • W2S is cool, but he has a knack for destroying something

    Anson LawAnson LawПре 21 дан
  • 1:17 holddddddd on a minute

    J WatleyJ WatleyПре месец
  • Brasilians,my people!

    Some DudeSome DudeПре месец
  • Dude NB! The whole time i thought i found a game man... Thats sound trolled the fck out of me

    iNiggesiNiggesПре месец
  • cool

    doing63doing63Пре месец
  • 8:02 was fucking hilarious

    ZedrhyxZedrhyxПре месец
  • U can't expect to play LOL like NB3 wtihout this.. CHECK it out

    Nikola MiladinovicNikola MiladinovicПре месец
  • i want pokemon

    catapultcatapultПре месец
  • does anyone know the link of the original video?

    ZoeZoeПре месец
  • Nightblue3: I'm as straight as a sun light ray. Editor: sun light rays bend when they find a black hole.

    Maximilian RhinestoneMaximilian RhinestoneПре месец
  • 1:19 fein

    SuFUGjSuFUGjПре месец
  • the dad haha

    LDG_FadeLDG_FadeПре месец
  • Thank you Nightblue for the content, u made me laugh

    InterxInter massylInterxInter massylПре месец
  • Nightblue give us ur onlyfans already

    Zura KurtanidzeeZura KurtanidzeeПре месец

    Andreas_xsAndreas_xsПре месец
  • I need 10 of these a day to recharge

    비비비비Пре месец
  • you was waiting in que for 7:36 min !?!?!

    lordaeronlordaeronПре месец
  • I'm sommon to f-ck :DDDDDDDDD

    Muratcan ÖZBEKMuratcan ÖZBEKПре месец
  • hysterically

    AlexTheNut11AlexTheNut11Пре месец
  • Dude you should react to funniest laughs

    PekyA225PekyA225Пре месец
  • Dont like that about my boy harry

    NuuttizNuuttizПре месец
  • The content of your RSworld videos is in a perfect way. It's good to see you growing! U have cracked the code! Best luck for your future!

    Sudhanwa LimayeSudhanwa LimayeПре месец
  • Times i got baited by the match found sound: 25,203,454,121

    Santiago RobledoSantiago RobledoПре месец
  • Team of the year Ronaldo is really Hard to get w2s reaction is not so weird

    Jultomten 123Jultomten 123Пре месец
  • only w2s

    Γιώργος ΓλυκογιαννηςΓιώργος ΓλυκογιαννηςПре месец
  • 1:15 Damn bruh. Just damn

    MaiEditsMaiEditsПре месец
  • Finally under 80 heartrade

    Adrian Hernandez SaldañaAdrian Hernandez SaldañaПре месец
  • Nb3 doesnt know who W2S is. Ima disappointed

    VukasinnVukasinnПре месец
  • 1:08 i wonder why nb3 want to meet him so badly

    Hi im HoproHi im HoproПре месец
  • tis a white thing nb3

    Delaney CharlieDelaney CharlieПре месец
  • the smaller you are the faster your heart beats ;) jsyk nb3

    GGooDieGGooDieПре месец
    • Hummingbird approves

      GenPop JoeGenPop JoeПре месец
  • That guy who threw the chair has so much money he spends thousands on packs. He probably just did that to get more views. He probably had another tv already sitting outside his door.

    LynxLynxПре месец
  • It’s weird how after night skyblue, skysukuno and others showed their face the content just dropped indefinitely

    Mitchell .PageMitchell .PageПре месец
  • 😎

    Leonardo SilvinoLeonardo SilvinoПре месец
  • Just watching nb3 laught is making me laught

    vingerder rodolphevingerder rodolpheПре месец
  • I really love the idea of posting these react andy vids on youtube, from where he watches videos between his league games while in queue!😂 literally free content!!👍

    MrGreen 03MrGreen 03Пре месец
  • much better than league

    Axel ZakurovAxel ZakurovПре месец
  • Is that how people laugh at your leage videos? 😀

    Stanislav kalchevStanislav kalchevПре месец
  • that last one tho lamo! just sub'd love your music and league gameplay, can i request a morgana jg vid so i can see how the best jgler in league for the past 10 years douse it! i love morgana and have a 1 million mastery with mine. i was thinking of playing her jg but i need to see you do it first. thanks if you do. i would really appreciate it. David ( putfoothere ) Sauer.

    david sauerdavid sauerПре месец
  • he says 'i dont care'

    George CharlesGeorge CharlesПре месец
  • CLICKBAIT, he added 1 sec on the title XD

    Nikolas NonajNikolas NonajПре месец
  • XDD

    Jack OlenterJack OlenterПре месец
  • Do more of these actually funny...

    Ace JokerAce JokerПре месец
  • 2:51 I'M DYIIINGGGG!! Nighblue pls take care of my mom for me

    InfluxQInfluxQПре месец
  • nighblue just doesnt understand W2S

    abu nwmabu nwmПре месец
  • Hehe xD

    water addictedھwater addictedھПре месец
  • 2:10 i see indonesian meme video here😂

    Ridho Dwi RamadhanRidho Dwi RamadhanПре месец
    • Claim?

      Wassup ß0ssWassup ß0ssПре месец
  • 0:48 rengar meeting yummi for the first time

    Alexis BagacinaAlexis BagacinaПре месец
  • *29 seconds

    florinel1995fulflorinel1995fulПре месец
  • "LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY"??????????? He was not even laughing! nice fking click bait

    Sulaiman AlomairSulaiman AlomairПре месец
  • When will be Pokémon part 2 😤

    Green XGreen XПре месец
  • 1:16 PAUSE..

    FeuzFeuzПре месец
  • Everytime he says "who does that?", It's straight white males😹

    DyDy DymondDyDy DymondПре месец
  • Yoo stfu that's my w2s boy

    Gorgi BoshevskiGorgi BoshevskiПре месец
  • But it's only 9 minutes and *29* seconds

    ReenReenПре месец
  • THIS is the high elo educational league content I come for

    GameguyGameguyПре месец

    NatsuNatsuПре месец
  • The last clip's snap was so hard it left thanos in shock

    Onii-ChanΔOnii-ChanΔПре месец
  • I can't find the original video

    Luis BrillantesLuis BrillantesПре месец
  • mr. Blue.When is the next pokemon video coming up

    kim gokim goПре месец
  • Nb3 reacting on scary stuffs when

    CidCidПре месец
  • Wait... Nightblue... how do you know who Mia Khalifa is👀

    Cyber LincCyber LincПре месец
  • Dislike for misleading tittle. When I watch for just 5 sec I didn't see nb3 laughing. XD

    earl michael degamoearl michael degamoПре месец
  • W2S does it

    blackmage6blackmage6Пре месец
  • Great video! But i still dont get one thing... Have you ever been to germany?

    Hazar Rocket LeagueHazar Rocket LeagueПре месец
  • Hey nightblue, i like you and love your vids, but why the 5head over here? You need to do something about this hairline. Sincerely, a balding guy...

    GamerOfNatureGamerOfNatureПре месец
  • 6:42 when you suspect your bf cheating with someone 🤣🤣🤣

    Freak MedicFreak MedicПре месец
    • she read through his phone messages while he wasn't there, then instead of talking to him about it called her from his phone. Man they are already close so that sister is gonna have so much leverage on her if she really slips up

      Homebound TurnaroundHomebound TurnaroundПре месец
  • More of this kind of contents

    Freak MedicFreak MedicПре месец
  • Nb3 doesn't know W2S :(

    RedRenegadeRedRenegadeПре месец
  • Nightblue uploading in 2 in the morning

    I AM A GODI AM A GODПре месец
  • 4:38 thought my queue was ready lol

    BVDtwentysevenBVDtwentysevenПре месец
  • You insane bro

    Shajer AhmadShajer AhmadПре месец
  • I legit think that variety suits nb3 better. Doesn't tilt him too 😉

    Σουρμελης ΠάντεληςΣουρμελης ΠάντεληςПре месец
  • This is content

    Alvin ZhongAlvin ZhongПре месец
  • Thanks for making videos! A guy from Philippines hoping for your good luck in your channel 😊

    Unidentified_HydroUnidentified_HydroПре месец
  • Unsubed i miss old nightblue

    Bálint Richárd NémethBálint Richárd NémethПре месец
  • Dude...I was watching this in queue and I got tricked 4 times, i tought i found a match....

    LOLucky _LOLucky _Пре месец
  • Hey NB3. Just wanted to let u know we RLLY LOVE this variety content KEEP IT UP MY MAAAN :)

    DuduM DkDuduM DkПре месец
  • I like more of this contents

    Kazuma MamizukaKazuma MamizukaПре месец
  • Rabia's laugh is so かわいい. He is like having an asthma attack lol

    Soonie DoongiSoonie DoongiПре месец
  • Im really glad that, nB3 is making content like this xddd

    Angelo AudijeAngelo AudijeПре месец
  • hey nightblue and his editor i appreciate the frequent content, this really help me a lot. Much love ♥

    Samuel BautistaSamuel BautistaПре месец
  • 420 toilet in da house

    W DerptonW DerptonПре месец
  • Editor levi and nb3 eren

    Abhishek NaithaniAbhishek NaithaniПре месец
  • I actually love this

    Wyatt GoodwinWyatt GoodwinПре месец
  • Boi

    Chobo MoonChobo MoonПре месец
  • Based late night tendies ree

    Jack the BardJack the BardПре месец
  • 6:31 "Fear is good"hmm what will he play next?

    BladeH8BladeH8Пре месец
  • Request: watch pilipino memes.I hope you notice me

    Ivy PadillaIvy PadillaПре месец
  • 1:58 Harry small brain time

    Nikola ŠerbanNikola ŠerbanПре месец
  • Nb3 laughing like an old man really shows me how young i am

    Alexandru TudoseAlexandru TudoseПре месец
  • LIAR! IT S ONLY 9 29

    Gabriel DavidGabriel DavidПре месец
  • Loving the new content plus the great editor. Making 2021 a great year already nightblue, thank you ❤️

    Zeid HaddadinZeid HaddadinПре месец
  • 1:39 its literally Blue AHAHAHAHAHAH

    John Vincent D. LobioJohn Vincent D. LobioПре месец
  • bruh

    Irlan OliveiraIrlan OliveiraПре месец
  • where is the league video WHERE IS ZIGGS GAMEPLAY?

    KingOmega28KingOmega28Пре месец

    xtian xtianxtian xtianПре месец
  • 52 th view... The closest have ever been.

    League Of BronzeLeague Of BronzeПре месец
  • This is Nightblue's prime

    GodLotusGodLotusПре месец
    • YEP

      Leonardo SilvinoLeonardo SilvinoПре месец
    • Me who has been watching for years: Hm go on

      RektoriusRektoriusПре месец
    • Same thoughts actually

      Carlo BenedictoCarlo BenedictoПре месец
  • When you already played every champ in the jungle and have nothing more to use and to dominate the jungle

    Kc BanaresKc BanaresПре месец