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  • with the new games coming out...coding the client like steam would be nice they havent even updated the abilities on voli view on the client as compensation

    Israel KanzIsrael KanzПре 4 месеца
  • Because of his ultimate interaction with tower, do you think he would ever see pro play? Asking for a friend

    Brett Patrick MuellerBrett Patrick MuellerПре 4 месеца
  • ??????????????????

    renrenПре 5 месеци
  • How can we get the emote in the normal game (not pbe)

    BarberinooBarberinooПре 5 месеци
  • Its krampus

    Tristan Louise F MingmingTristan Louise F MingmingПре 5 месеци
  • Dude, his passive will be literally broken in the laning phase. He doesn't even have to come near you to damage you, and the fact that it would be constant though, I mean I know it has to get 5 stacks to activate but that can be easily done.

  • Wait for the nerf hammer 😂

    Ape TitanApe TitanПре 5 месеци
  • Volibear is now the new BROKEN champ than sett

    Snuggle Bear kyleSnuggle Bear kyleПре 5 месеци
  • im out bye league of legends!

    DK21DK21Пре 5 месеци
  • Imagine there's a Yasuo in ARAM

    ZoeZoeПре 5 месеци
  • dont know why ppl cry that he is "unbalanced" so unbalanced as Yasuo,Zed,Fiora, and etc all the cancer champs. You need fire to defeat fire so you need a cancer champ to defeat the other as*holes...

    Adam CserepesAdam CserepesПре 5 месеци
  • Overreaction level 99999999999

    AndreiAndreiПре 5 месеци
  • 9:52 aggressive nut

    MattMattПре 5 месеци
  • nasus vs voli? who would win???

    Archie Tariman Music Box TVArchie Tariman Music Box TVПре 5 месеци
  • what is the outro song?

    【ᗷᗰ】 ᗷᗴᗩᔕ丅【ᗷᗰ】 ᗷᗴᗩᔕ丅Пре 5 месеци
  • Next Patch Nerf Shaco Again XD (Just Sarcasm) Shaco is so Broken :(

    ShacrimeShacrimeПре 5 месеци
  • RSworldrs be like: hmm to react to 11 min video or 3 min hmmmm

    Hungry GuyHungry GuyПре 5 месеци
  • Really not a fan of his aesthetic now

    Life from the LoamlyLife from the LoamlyПре 5 месеци
  • He off turets

    PT psychicznyPT psychicznyПре 5 месеци
  • attack of titan~

    丰檉雷丰檉雷Пре 5 месеци
  • I really would like if volibear fight against godzilla

    Henry PopperlHenry PopperlПре 5 месеци
  • NB3: He jumps just like thanos with the gauntlet! Thor: am I a joke to you?

    RayASGRayASGПре 5 месеци
  • Whats that ending song? thanks!

    Fabio AlvesFabio AlvesПре 5 месеци
  • Enemys: nooo you can't just dive into 2 towers and get out full hp!! Voli: ha-ha tower go dis dis

    Extinct RivenExtinct RivenПре 5 месеци
  • No one: Nightblue: 10:10

    Jerry WuJerry WuПре 5 месеци
  • My main, Volibear is really broken.. I think 500k mastery is not enough now..

    Paps TurlsPaps TurlsПре 5 месеци

    Luka CulumLuka CulumПре 5 месеци
  • Wait that’s so op he has ohmwrecker as an ulti

    LukeanadianLukeanadianПре 5 месеци
  • Maybe volibear sup will be better

    Lukas L.Lukas L.Пре 5 месеци
  • Voilbear going to be ban every game

    Infected teamInfected teamПре 5 месеци
  • meh..the abilities don t look that good i mean animations and all

    Zayani MeriamZayani MeriamПре 5 месеци
  • Imagine that as a support. He just disables your tower and you can’t do anything to stop the dive than

    Viktor MerćepViktor MerćepПре 5 месеци
  • riot, i BEG of u, to make next rework is singed, I BEG OF UUUUU

    Dark ViperDark ViperПре 5 месеци
  • Are u mad because of Closer better than u :)

    Enes MertEnes MertПре 5 месеци
  • Old volibear is way better lmao

    Laurits GodtliebsenLaurits GodtliebsenПре 5 месеци
  • voli's ult can disable turrets temporarily

    Shinzou PlaysShinzou PlaysПре 5 месеци
  • Wait is this the guy that copyrighted ikeepittaco? Or is that some other douche bag?

    Gelatinous LeopardGelatinous LeopardПре 5 месеци

    minions rule: 1 sub more powerminions rule: 1 sub more powerПре 5 месеци
  • Closer best jungle

    Ertan MehmedErtan MehmedПре 5 месеци
  • I was busy watching trick2g

    Female DudeFemale DudeПре 5 месеци
  • Closer > this dog

    Adnan AydınAdnan AydınПре 5 месеци
  • Damn im gonna miss his Flips. Not many champions that has that ability...other than singed.

    Jirapat ThaenphromratJirapat ThaenphromratПре 5 месеци
  • Eldritch Horror is new Volibear skin i think

    GieRch GyurukuNGieRch GyurukuNПре 5 месеци
  • E -> R -> W -> Q -> W On-hit Burst seems his ideal Combo

    GieRch GyurukuNGieRch GyurukuNПре 5 месеци
  • Its master yi 🤣🤣🤣🤣 7:20

    Osama ShouliOsama ShouliПре 5 месеци
  • After the rework of volibear all of all we will use flash and exhaust

    PUGEZPUGEZПре 5 месеци
  • He looks like SSG Gnar in mega form

    Goliath_RedGoliath_RedПре 5 месеци
  • streamer goes poggers for 10 min

    David Leonardo ContrerasDavid Leonardo ContrerasПре 5 месеци
  • That Volibear roar is mixed with more tiger roar than a bear roar, it's a bit uncomfortable.

    Handy FoxHandy FoxПре 5 месеци
  • just gonna dislike ....not gonna say why most will know of the old viewers

    nico gorczinskinico gorczinskiПре 5 месеци
  • Nightclub knows nothing about the lore lmao

    basically an otakubasically an otakuПре 5 месеци
  • Oh god, akali all over again, he can dive towers

    themadhayderthemadhayderПре 5 месеци
  • im gay

    KevinKevinПре 5 месеци
  • Hey nightblue do you think that the new vollibear can defeat sett?

    ZedBladeLanerZedBladeLanerПре 5 месеци
  • leshen x voli

    PotatoDragon785PotatoDragon785Пре 5 месеци
  • I miss the passive healing though

    Jack JokerJack JokerПре 5 месеци
  • When release

    Louise Gabriel vilarLouise Gabriel vilarПре 5 месеци

    ACE YTACE YTПре 5 месеци
  • 0:16 that's what she said

    Pablo YañezPablo YañezПре 5 месеци
  • IMAGINE VOLI JUNGLE = Ult + Tower Gank and with rapid fire for more attack range radius

    GeRaRd ClEdErAGeRaRd ClEdErAПре 5 месеци
  • Yo i like all your videos You are the best youtuber for me You are a smart,strong,funny jungler all in the same time... Keep going man i love you

    HewitZz O'SevenHewitZz O'SevenПре 5 месеци
  • I see this woth lifesteal will be unstopable

    DreyDreyПре 5 месеци
  • The wrestler skin doesn't slam dunk with a chair... My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

    king kongking kongПре 5 месеци
  • Baited

    KappaKappaПре 5 месеци
  • Volis abilities: Q- Udyrs E W- warwick's Q E- Xerath W R- Sett Ult Basically a Thanos

    Mr AstronautMr AstronautПре 5 месеци
  • wait thats legit ohmwrecker status right there lol

    wake archuswake archusПре 5 месеци
  • RIOT is becoming a horror company

    loay abbaneloay abbaneПре 5 месеци
  • New volibear will be like whats tower damage?

    Tender LoinTender LoinПре 5 месеци
  • Combine of galio and ornn

    Tuan DhiyauddinTuan DhiyauddinПре 5 месеци
  • lets not kid ourselves here, every champion rework is a soft nerf on them disabling the main and op mechanics (dash interruption) to add a new mechanic (tower disable) to then later nerf it to the ground and make him a forgotten champion (you remember kayle? yeah she is gone now)

    Cheese Master 64Cheese Master 64Пре 5 месеци
  • broken like the game

    TheKingzneverdieTheKingzneverdieПре 5 месеци
  • New skin voli looks like bear from annihilation

    Austin LeeAustin LeeПре 5 месеци
  • Noone: Literally noone: Me ofcourse : Mor'du from the movie Brave, new skin of new reworked Volibear?

  • His ult animation looks like mord using his W.....with the pounding of his riot you lazy assholes. 200+ years my ass

    Derek DugginsDerek DugginsПре 5 месеци
  • Everybody talking about voli rework, but look to the old video image

    Jesús EvaristoJesús EvaristoПре 5 месеци
  • nb3: "NOT BALANCED" deleted owmreker: "am i joke to you?!_

    Foxy Tail'sFoxy Tail'sПре 5 месеци
  • others: "oh, the police skins looks so cool" NB: "voli go wee yoo wee yoo wee yoo"

    Juraj MoudrýJuraj MoudrýПре 5 месеци
  • 2020 adc

    Kwan KayiKwan KayiПре 5 месеци
  • oh please mr riot game give us a purple chroma for officer volibear, pleaaase

    fernando gonzalezfernando gonzalezПре 5 месеци
    • it's been so long... the volibear behind the slaughter

      fernando gonzalezfernando gonzalezПре 5 месеци
  • "Worst skins in the game xD" Le blanc doesn't event have skins cuz looks like chormas XDDD

    Antonio Celis SotoAntonio Celis SotoПре 5 месеци
  • a supertank that can disable tower... Riot games: oh boi we are doing it again

    fernando gonzalezfernando gonzalezПре 5 месеци
  • OK, unique animation for knocking-up Voli? No more air-walking?

    Victor RodriguesVictor RodriguesПре 5 месеци
  • Imagine he was the same size as he is in ARAM....

    pouriya naghdipouriya naghdiПре 5 месеци
  • Whens the nerf?

    Matt FoxMatt FoxПре 5 месеци
  • i think the old Volibear was a liitel bit more funny 😂 but this one is much more cool and minute 5:55 wtf his range

    Glück modeGlück modeПре 5 месеци
  • Its elder wood voli, the new skin

    noah dutchernoah dutcherПре 5 месеци
  • Get ready for perma ban voli

    noah dutchernoah dutcherПре 5 месеци
  • cool

    doing63doing63Пре 5 месеци
  • Professor akali: "he has ohmwrecker on his fur" 😂💩🤦‍♂️

    Am Fabulous RedAm Fabulous RedПре 5 месеци
  • 8:15 the new skin looks so much like Allon (the beast made from 3 arrancar body parts) from Bleach

    mauro sotomauro sotoПре 5 месеци
  • Volibear now looks more like volidaddy

    Naide MoonshineNaide MoonshineПре 5 месеци
  • When he go out

    סול קורישסול קורישПре 5 месеци

    Potsoglarios 69Potsoglarios 69Пре 5 месеци
  • Riot puts ohmwrecker, an item never utilized for disabling towers on volibear Everyone: how could they do this that's retarded

    Wasting SunWasting SunПре 5 месеци
  • The Voli Q stun instead of a flip is nothing but a Yasuo nerf PepeLaugh Gj unofficial Yasuo nerf everybody👏

    MrGreen 03MrGreen 03Пре 5 месеци

    Johan AguilarJohan AguilarПре 5 месеци
  • As a voli main im pretty exited

    Maxim StřílkaMaxim StřílkaПре 5 месеци
  • thats cool and all but we'll not forget the 0/17 sylas

    Bulau KBulau KПре 5 месеци
  • have i to play aram to earn the skin?

    Masked 000fpsMasked 000fpsПре 5 месеци
  • i think riot should add atmosphere effect to his E, map will darker or something

    Phúc Nguyễn ĐứcPhúc Nguyễn ĐứcПре 5 месеци