My ENTIRE Team wanted to surrender so I 1v9 carried.

26 авг 2020
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  • Nightblue is like a lasagna *I like lasagna*

    Pissed Penguin 《TV》Pissed Penguin 《TV》Пре месец
    • B*tch lasagna -pewds

      Rajee Rainer AlidaoRajee Rainer AlidaoПре 25 дана
    • Cheesy af but still so warm and welcoming, like a lasagna alright!

      VinylzVinylzПре месец
    • i don;t really like nightblue, but this was a nice comment, u deserve a like

      WaterisGoodWaterisGoodПре месец
    • Gay

      Bogdan BodoBogdan BodoПре месец
    • Can ya guys pray for me? Bc ive got tested for coraona and i get the results tomorrow:o

      Itachi UchihaItachi UchihaПре месец
  • Adc is right in beginning, like you don't deserve your rank

    Sofija MitrovicSofija MitrovicПре 14 дана
  • Amumu FTWWWW

    HamZuSsyaa1HamZuSsyaa1Пре 15 дана
  • Hahaha awesome game 😂🤩🔥🤘

    Robert The CollectorRobert The CollectorПре 17 дана
  • Watching your content since ages, thank you very much for the entertainment, keep saying to like °L,° i forget it everytime and right at that moment i do so :D

    Ryosare TenkayRyosare TenkayПре 20 дана
  • You're hair looks like the stone from pantheons recalling... NoICe

    teodora andjelicteodora andjelicПре 20 дана
  • Hey Nightblue3 , nice hair today 🔥😊

    Genold VillanuevaGenold VillanuevaПре 22 дана
    • It’s my first time leaving a comment so, you are the best 👍🏼 🔥

      Genold VillanuevaGenold VillanuevaПре 22 дана
  • I laughed so hard when Sion booked it and you just see Thresh getting drug away like a Karen trying to talk to the manager of a Hobby Lobby.

    EpicServbotEpicServbotПре 25 дана
  • gonna admit, it's always entertaining! Wtf is that sorcery?????

    KiraKiraПре месец
  • Nice hair today

    TheOnlyCanadianBacconTheOnlyCanadianBacconПре месец
  • Good video again

    Marius CaspersenMarius CaspersenПре месец
  • here's a comment for ammumu

    Olsi LekaOlsi LekaПре месец
  • Nice hair bonobo.

    Edwin CarrilloEdwin CarrilloПре месец

    TheFat GamerTheFat GamerПре месец
  • ahhhhh my yasuo!

    lin stevenlin stevenПре месец
  • I love the smile when asking for like hahah

    xxx xxxxxx xxxПре месец
  • what about the games that you can't carry so you blame the "ghosters" like graves xd

    Chocolat InabaChocolat InabaПре месец
  • Why does he have his minimap covered?

    cyber4warriorcyber4warriorПре месец
  • This was the best NB video!! Really fucking funny.

    Leffebro XDLeffebro XDПре месец
  • The draven is so fking noisy

    Wong TonyWong TonyПре месец
  • Jojo fans at 4:20 O_O

    1v9 Machine L91v9 Machine L9Пре месец

    Kostantinos mixelisKostantinos mixelisПре месец
  • You are my favorite jungler mr.nightblue😍😳

    Russel CastillanoRussel CastillanoПре месец
  • hey nigthblue nice hair today brouuuu, saludos desde chile

    Benjamin RozasBenjamin RozasПре месец
  • Lol those screams had an echo

    Israel HaddadIsrael HaddadПре месец
  • Gurenge came in clutch in that 5 men ult

    anson menganson mengПре месец
  • Thanks for the vid keep it up

    Carter LawsonCarter LawsonПре месец
  • Aw you poor thing :')

    Nasty CupcakeNasty CupcakeПре месец
  • Saludos desde Argentina

    nicolas canizanicolas canizaПре месец
  • bruh what song is playing for the 5 man ult i know quite a few anime songs but i jus cant place that one someone pls help

    Austin PaulrajAustin PaulrajПре месец
  • Hey nightblue idk what to say so hey hahahahahah

    Leonardo Enricho A. QuadraLeonardo Enricho A. QuadraПре месец
  • Can someone tell me what is the name of the song at 9:50 plsss

    Bá Đạt HoàngBá Đạt HoàngПре месец
  • If nightblue was my jungler id 100% Never int :)

    KelvoraxYTKelvoraxYTПре месец
  • Who watches my boy with headphones and just turn the volume to max in the intro

    Mpilisxaloumi 7Mpilisxaloumi 7Пре месец
  • This Thresh was absolutely insane

    ArrowArrowПре месец
  • i can comfirm that tyler1 fans/draven mains are like that my friend from time to time will roast me or complain and then when i pull of a play or smth he praises me

    Ilija IvančevIlija IvančevПре месец
  • Really, nice hear

    Ammar AhemAmmar AhemПре месец
  • 8:23 Draven is actually a god but no one is talking about it?

    Donglin JinDonglin JinПре месец

    Grastria XGrastria XПре месец
  • 8:08 NB: " I got him baby..." Thresh : Wiiiiii NB : AhHhHhhH

    Shadow LightsShadow LightsПре месец
  • Hey bro ca you do a current Lee Sin video . Wanna see that spicy blond man

    Jesse MartinezJesse MartinezПре месец
  • 'hUmBle StREamer"

    merdad berouzimerdad berouziПре месец
  • song @9:45 please?

    Justin WongJustin WongПре месец
  • NC3 amumu game play

    Dulan ThomasDulan ThomasПре месец
  • every body on nb's team ''surrender'' nb ''stop i got to make content

    Sofia NikolaidiSofia NikolaidiПре месец
  • hey nightblue nice hair today!

    Sklee zSklee zПре месец
  • i always love your energy 🤟 stay rad

    Brian LayBrian LayПре месец
  • Nice hair today

    NicholasNicholasПре месец
  • Dude, what's that 1v9 weebu song. Pure 1v9 song for us weebs out here, anybody knows it?

    bún xèo bánh xèobún xèo bánh xèoПре месец
  • Hi sir Nightblue3 just wanna ask what camera do you use for live streaming. I just want to try live streaming at home. Thank you and God bless always.

    Rovin LuRovin LuПре месец
  • I got perma banned can i get a like ?

    SchwifitySchwifityПре месец
  • i honestly dont like this new intro I keep skipping

    MafrekMafrekПре месец
  • Music was top tier this video!

    Mahmubul HoqueMahmubul HoqueПре месец
  • RSworld likes are like weed to NB3

    ImFriendlyImFriendlyПре месец
  • lol

    Will RoyleWill RoyleПре месец
  • NB3!!! NC HAIR 😂😏

    tfue the king samurai cliptfue the king samurai clipПре месец
  • ayy nice hair

    ojje 88ojje 88Пре месец
  • jungle diff

    Duuude PleeeaseDuuude PleeeaseПре месец
  • Amumu was a child when he "died" but now he's 1000s of years old

    Ivan GluićIvan GluićПре месец
  • Haircut is amazing 😉 Xd

    Art 4 LifeArt 4 LifeПре месец
  • Mans really coping NICKMERCS with the RSworld intro and the thumbnail 😂

    GymGymПре месец
  • we love the new contact

    Mody XmodeMody XmodeПре месец
  • Don't play lol pls noob

  • Hey Nightblue3 , Nice energy today!

    LiTLiTПре месец
  • Hey there, can anyone tell me the name of the song that starts at 2:16 ... I like it's hype factor :)

    Jone DavidJone DavidПре месец
  • i do like your videos but not as much as you hair today damn!

    MaedaraMaedaraПре месец
  • Imagine being this Draven.

    frozenflame5858frozenflame5858Пре месец
  • Wasp goblin

    Vakaris PetravičiusVakaris PetravičiusПре месец

      Vakaris PetravičiusVakaris PetravičiusПре месец

      Vakaris PetravičiusVakaris PetravičiusПре месец

      Vakaris PetravičiusVakaris PetravičiusПре месец
  • I miss the old cy@ sign

    Azzam AndiAzzam AndiПре месец
  • It takes a lot to NightBlue3. A real man

    jason parkjason parkПре месец
  • Nice smile Nb as always ^^

    Rajaa OubadRajaa OubadПре месец
  • *Anime music starts* *AMUMU WALKING INTENSIFIES*

    ben duttonben duttonПре месец
  • fiddlesticks?? i nid something else other than amumu

    yorangeryorangerПре месец
  • Hey nightblue3, been watching you for years almost religiously. In the meantime I've become a dad and have less time to watch you but still check your videos daily. It's good to see you found a nice middle ground between entertainment and educational videos. I like this a lot. Kinda like a mix of old and new NB3. Keep it up bro.

    Daniel CraigDaniel CraigПре месец
  • nice video bro

    Amigo de las cabrasAmigo de las cabrasПре месец
  • Take you like good man!

    agustin Payeragustin PayerПре месец
  • l just love this guy xD the face he does when he asks for the like.. priceless!

    Iram Aguirre GarzaIram Aguirre GarzaПре месец
  • better jungler wins

    hundred monsterhundred monsterПре месец
  • Nightblue no cap your hair ain't bad today.

    SwansonSwansonПре месец
  • *Nb3 pick amumu 11:11 amumu be like

    Avatari NegaAvatari NegaПре месец
  • Tbh ADC mains are the most annoying followed by mid laners

    Connor KimConnor KimПре месец
  • Sorry Im not watching you when you live on twitch I prefer watching you here on youtube your my favorite jungler player more troll jungle to come

    ReiReiПре месец
  • jg diff

    Giuliano CattaniGiuliano CattaniПре месец
  • Wp mate! Good video! :D

    JonanzoJonanzoПре месец
  • 9:00 that scream.....I’m dying😂😂😂

    KaziX_GamingKaziX_GamingПре месец
  • Nb3 I lov u and watch all videos

    Mahmoud YasserMahmoud YasserПре месец
  • I liked the video cuz ur hair is siiiikkk

    Bence BorsosBence BorsosПре месец
  • Get him nightbaka

    Josh BarnesJosh BarnesПре месец
    • We should play a game sometime so you can teach me your crazy ways.

      Josh BarnesJosh BarnesПре месец
  • mi comment: bro u r cool

    Rafael CaraballoRafael CaraballoПре месец
  • NB- “I’m the best.” T1- hold my beer

    Krypton KrKrypton KrПре месец
  • are we goin to see more you and lea duo sometime?

    Michael PochonMichael PochonПре месец
  • Anyone here from the time when nobody knew what nb3 looked like,

    Ante ČengićAnte ČengićПре месец
  • Hey nightblueee...... Grinding again this season?

    Purrfection ReeldPurrfection ReeldПре месец
  • Hey nightblue, nice hair today

    Eduard LefterEduard LefterПре месец
  • Hey nightblue3 nice eyes today

    Adrian MemeAdrian MemeПре месец
  • Im a fan for like 5 years now and i still havent been featured at the end of the video🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    ivannn ivannnivannn ivannnПре месец
  • Thanks Nb3, I learned a lot watching your amumu games

    félix lefebvrefélix lefebvreПре месец
  • Love you bro ur the one of the few reasons for me to play lol

    Quud4Quud4Пре месец
  • NB3 are you half African?

    aleNNN .mp3aleNNN .mp3Пре месец
  • man we dont care about the intro just dont do that anymore please

    Miersa AlexMiersa AlexПре месец