16 феб 2021
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  • man fr i don't comment too much but this edits just made my day

    Jan GarciaJan GarciaПре дан
  • daddy

    Αλεξανδρος ΟικονομουΑλεξανδρος ΟικονομουПре 2 дана
  • Glad to hear a league youtuber who knows what Dokkan battle is

    Fabes ForeverFabes ForeverПре 5 дана
  • Bro click y your camera is will be much better trust

    NRG KenzNRG KenzПре 5 дана
    • Will not is

      NRG KenzNRG KenzПре 5 дана

    KyusupKyusupПре 6 дана
  • the kha zix brodda thing got me

    Taliyah Season 9Taliyah Season 9Пре 7 дана
  • It’s getting annoying to watch with all the edits half the video is random content lol

    Cesar RosasCesar RosasПре 7 дана
  • ive been binging NB3 and let me say the editing is toooooppppp tier alpha

    BananaSnipesBananaSnipesПре 7 дана
  • I'm seriously giving this video my like just for the ost from Berserk. Hey, editor, thank you!

    TyfyhTyfyhПре 8 дана
  • I laugh at all the k6 and renek bits

    Samuel BelgaSamuel BelgaПре 8 дана
  • This editor always make me lose

    Stark ChanStark ChanПре 8 дана
  • Editor upgraded his praying mantis meme stock

    Nick SpieringsNick SpieringsПре 8 дана
  • does somebody know the song at 2:31 ? :(( please i love it

    HoratiuHoratiuПре 9 дана
  • 7:42 ey yo why u stop gurenge??!

    YokerYokerПре 9 дана
  • That poor dumbass playing with gore nerfed.

    DRAGDRAGПре 9 дана
  • Nah son the thumbnail gotta go

    kameron Mcdanielkameron McdanielПре 10 дана

    Holly GundersonHolly GundersonПре 10 дана
  • 3:20 omg you've unlocked my childhood with that powerful song

    Darkrais ProdigyDarkrais ProdigyПре 10 дана
  • How can i find that oblivion spiderman video pls help

    ALFA TTALFA TTПре 11 дана
  • Does anyone know the music at 2:24??

    MidnightMidnightПре 11 дана
  • Those edits my man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥

    Nasser BuchiriNasser BuchiriПре 11 дана
  • Petition for night blue to be called lil dippy

    S.L.E.OS.L.E.OПре 11 дана
  • I bet nightblu holds hands with lia KEKW like if you agree

    Jose caldoJose caldoПре 11 дана
  • LILLIA I WHAT??!🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

    Antonio RenziAntonio RenziПре 11 дана
  • Never stop the simping for the editor

    elijah gagnonelijah gagnonПре 11 дана
  • The mantis meme kills me every time lmao

    Lion KingLion KingПре 11 дана
  • Lmao thumbnail does not fit

    Hot DilHot DilПре 11 дана
  • a little too much editing there..

    Giannis AvramidisGiannis AvramidisПре 12 дана
  • The thumbnail is working NB3... It's very tempting.

    Jonbush GuerraJonbush GuerraПре 12 дана
  • que se mete el editor JAJAJAJAJA

    Carlos BriceñoCarlos BriceñoПре 12 дана
  • 2:05

    The GuardianThe GuardianПре 12 дана
  • what is the name of the song at 7:07 ?

    sehttam 1612sehttam 1612Пре 12 дана
  • This ,,PRRRR'' from LL Stylish is killing me every 4cking time ! xd

    RaspoRaspoПре 12 дана
  • The Croc got me sooo good - this editor is my biggest inspiration for editing videos

    xBP MonarchxBP MonarchПре 12 дана
  • 😎

    Leonardo SilvinoLeonardo SilvinoПре 12 дана
  • This Editor is actually Faker 😂😂

    Omar AhmedOmar AhmedПре 12 дана
  • Editor waiting to edit challenger games -> Man im dead got me dead

    Josué FerlandJosué FerlandПре 12 дана
  • everyone: pinoy is the best editor he is carrying yassuo nb3's editor: laughs from a far

    omar khaledomar khaledПре 12 дана
  • Where is 2:06 from?

    BentsfulBentsfulПре 12 дана
  • nice video cringe edit

    Higor TeixeiraHigor TeixeiraПре 12 дана
  • omg Love the Metroid reference

    Paladin ChasePaladin ChaseПре 12 дана
  • Seriously, slow down on the memes bud, some viewers are here for the gameplay ...

    fada fadoudifada fadoudiПре 12 дана
  • 0:06 Hahaha I love that edit, Which is the theme??? xD!!

    Jose UretaJose UretaПре 12 дана
  • 6:00 yo what is this from 😂😂

    IAmKishawnIAmKishawnПре 12 дана
  • good edits , never gets old kha edit :)

    Jianu RazvanJianu RazvanПре 12 дана
  • What is the music around 4:22, Shazam app cant figure it out

    Rohail AhmedRohail AhmedПре 12 дана
    • Its a remix of rockerfella street I think

      MidnightMidnightПре 11 дана
  • Imagine getting a full video playing 80% in enemies top jungle poggers

    Gabriel SeegerGabriel SeegerПре 12 дана
  • man the first minute of this video is just pure editing, jeez calm down on it all and let us watch the dam match xD

    Craig SaundersCraig SaundersПре 12 дана
  • That Editor Is SIKKK

    нотфор1нотфор1Пре 12 дана
  • each video is edited better than the previous one xdd keep it up

    Othmane RayhaniOthmane RayhaniПре 12 дана
  • Can someone tell me the song on 7:11

    Venislav GylybovVenislav GylybovПре 12 дана
  • @nb3 it’s time to STOP with that thumbnail

    john mogaverojohn mogaveroПре 12 дана
  • Damn this made me laugh didint had a laugh in few weeks ty editor :D

    vytis drandzilauskasvytis drandzilauskasПре 12 дана
  • TO MUCH FUCKING EDITINGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mylo SpeedMylo SpeedПре 12 дана
  • Holy that wallpaper hit hard, I remember copying it from nb a few years back

    SnuskelSnuskelПре 12 дана
  • NB3 in the past: 10 MORE GAMES UNTIL CHALLANGER! NB3: Yeeee boyzzz! back to 300!

    Andreyu009Andreyu009Пре 12 дана
  • PRRR

    Iııı IıııIııı IıııПре 13 дана
  • 😂😂

    tuber 79tuber 79Пре 13 дана
  • oh my god sooo funn !!!!

    Patricio CamposPatricio CamposПре 13 дана
  • what's the song called 4:05 ?

    WhoisiliasWhoisiliasПре 13 дана
  • editor doin work

    Bacon BitzBacon BitzПре 13 дана
  • Does nightblue have a channel where I don’t have to deal with the cringe edits?

    Danny MazaDanny MazaПре 13 дана
  • fcking meme lord this editor

    Lord ReallpenlpLord ReallpenlpПре 13 дана
  • Thats what i consider a premium thumbnail XD

    white wallwhite wallПре 13 дана
  • Cardi 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Lois LolLois LolПре 13 дана

    MordekaiserMordekaiserПре 13 дана
  • Whoever edits yo videos needs to chill with the dank memes fr

    Michael ShamrellMichael ShamrellПре 13 дана
  • Okay, i havent watched nb3 for q while and i came back for this video because of the title (200% to get people to see it, actually sad) and i noticed that the video is stacked with "memes" and i am sorry for the editor(s) but a have to say that it was super cringey except like 2 or 3 spots (i have watched the whole video). I am pretty sure that nb3 has a lot less views that some months ago i guess and maybe this editing is the reason, its not working. i was like 8:40 the whole time watchgin this video, desperate tries of the editor(s) to put something funny in it but no cigar, thats my take on nb3's "failure". Have a good day!

    Angel LiarmasAngel LiarmasПре 13 дана
  • so much fucking editing this video is unwatchable. gross !

    Mahad HashmiMahad HashmiПре 13 дана
  • Does someone know whats the piano song in the beginning :(

    JackyJackyПре 13 дана
  • 7:25 song name please ?

    Patres323Patres323Пре 13 дана
  • this vid is actually insane

    Mohamed HassanMohamed HassanПре 13 дана
  • Yo does anyone have that wallpaper link or something?

  • Quick question what are the names of the song remixes that you use?

    1Meatball11Meatball1Пре 13 дана
  • That editor is a fucking legend, probably on speed though, but I love it!

    Julian SchlichterJulian SchlichterПре 13 дана
  • Such a overkill with editing. Cant even go 5 seconds without

    TumeroooTumeroooПре 13 дана
  • The editor is INSANE!!!! Give him/her a raise

    Augusto MarkiewiczAugusto MarkiewiczПре 13 дана
  • Half off the video is just meme and I Like IT

    AnonymousAnonymousПре 13 дана
  • More Memes!. It's so much good!!!!

    Patryk SokołowskiPatryk SokołowskiПре 13 дана
  • that Pantheon theme from 5:06 followed by AOT final season soundtrack well loool done Mr. Editor

    ParcivalParcivalПре 13 дана
  • When you think that editor reached his limit and thrn see the thumbnail

    filip prokopfilip prokopПре 13 дана
  • 4:10 100%

    DreyDreyПре 13 дана
  • Too much edit

    DarkrayterDarkrayterПре 13 дана
  • I swear this video is so cringy but I’m laughing for some reason

    Ioannis ChristoulakisIoannis ChristoulakisПре 13 дана
  • I was on the stream, watched this game live and, honestly, with this editting it really gives a different perspective

    123DJ321123DJ321Пре 13 дана
  • the editing on this video was immaculate

    KyusupKyusupПре 13 дана
  • Can you post a full gameplay I need to learn how to jungle again I am playing league once again when I got my laptop just now

    Hensell Jay SibugHensell Jay SibugПре 13 дана
  • ur editor needs a raise anyone else agree?

    ScaryPooPooScaryPooPooПре 13 дана
  • This editor is a fcking genius,made me laugh too many times.

    George GiachalisGeorge GiachalisПре 13 дана
  • demon slayer song is so op😂

    naazzrulnaazzrulПре 13 дана
  • God tier editor

    WillyseniorWillyseniorПре 13 дана
  • 4:10 .. that "here we GOOO" made me laugh so hard.. didnt see that coming 😂😂

    AyyZeeAyyZeeПре 13 дана
  • BGM 3:10?

    Vanness WongVanness WongПре 13 дана
  • Ayo that wallpaper fire

    lul lallul lalПре 13 дана
  • ı love this editor

    Ömer KayaÖmer KayaПре 13 дана
  • 2:06 what is that song

    Jakob GabrielssonJakob GabrielssonПре 13 дана
  • nice now i have to visit ph too...

    doing63doing63Пре 13 дана
  • This Editor is my new idol

    Gewoon DimiGewoon DimiПре 13 дана
  • That thumnail do be looking different

    Sauce LordSauce LordПре 13 дана
  • The editor is just next level!!!

    Ghost PantsGhost PantsПре 13 дана