27 сеп 2020
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  • Hey, I got your back if that Twitch opens his mouth again. GG NB3~

    i0kii0kiПре месец
    • That was just epic from u

      hbib xDhbib xDПре 29 дана
    • I watched this Live so interesting and fun ggwp!!

      hasAkeyhasAkeyПре месец
    • DAMNNNNN ooooohhh Da boi

      Akshat AnandAkshat AnandПре месец
    • the legend, the senna tier 1 grasp inventor

      soul -soul -Пре месец
    • @Adrian Hernandez Saldaña yes sirrrrr the GSA , rank 1 senna

      leonardo hernandezleonardo hernandezПре месец
  • Idiot didnt even smite

    infamous blaxinfamous blaxПре 5 дана
  • Hey trashblue3, u still relevant :(

    ulala901ulala901Пре 12 дана
  • The only thing this video shows is Rengar is a little bit op late game.

    Тиша АнфимовТиша АнфимовПре 12 дана
  • that Leona was a savage

    LustralsLustralsПре 13 дана
  • 9:05 music??

    Nero ClaudiusNero ClaudiusПре 15 дана
  • Plz post a geme when you hard int against pekin woof XD LOL

    Sofija MitrovicSofija MitrovicПре 19 дана
  • Pekin woof is kicking his ass and he hard stuck grand master

    Sofija MitrovicSofija MitrovicПре 19 дана
  • It’s going to be great when you can do 300% damage to shields next season

    FranskaLoLFranskaLoLПре 25 дана
  • Take HoB on reksai not conq, thank me later

    SurgeSurgeПре 26 дана
  • Gragas, Vlad and Shen did sum nutty...

    Pixel GreenPixel GreenПре 27 дана
  • cool

    doing63doing63Пре 27 дана
  • You looks like a really nice person, don't pay attention to trash talkers

    Edgar IbarraEdgar IbarraПре 27 дана
  • To be honest nb3 is the best jungle guide for jungle player and I always follow the guide from nb3 since I know this from sea server...

    Bryan ding jokBryan ding jokПре 28 дана
  • BEST JUNGLE IN NA FOR ME Love lots nb from The Philippines

    Lance Gabriel ClataLance Gabriel ClataПре 29 дана
  • How dare u use my theme!!!

    Kira YoshikageKira YoshikageПре месец
  • go on the pbe and use the new items. you won't no balls. NB3 got smoll peen

    Toaster Toke024Toaster Toke024Пре месец
  • I was just wondering where the "insane" part is?

    Alex SAlex SПре месец
  • you are now a simp for eve but goodjob you are getting good at eve

    Juan Miguel LucasJuan Miguel LucasПре месец
  • That singed kept KSing you. Wtf you're the assassin. Does he not want a free win?

    starttakinnotezstarttakinnotezПре месец
  • I miss the old edit style when the intro of ultra instinct was real.. every videos i hear this but can not see an ultra instinct. Just edit one game und invest more in editing in this

    David HoppeDavid HoppeПре месец
  • Two music compositions in the background playing at the same time... How does this channel have 2.6 million subs?

    JackFastGameJackFastGameПре месец
  • twitch just throw his pc hahahaha XD

    Tenshi LiTenshi LiПре месец
  • 9 adds? NB3: lets put 1 more every video, no one will notice.

    SeightaSeightaПре месец
  • To be fair yas vs malph is unplayable

    yxnxsyxnxsПре месец
  • IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!! NB3 i dont really often watch your videos, i know im sorry, but we fans got'chu if there's some bad mouthed players out there tryna bash you. Anywayss well said to that leona thoughhh

    Pablo De Los ReyesPablo De Los ReyesПре месец
  • 0:50 How to burn people in league.

    MOHAMED ALI KhlifiMOHAMED ALI KhlifiПре месец
  • Never 4get power abuse to nubrac

    I drink and I know thingsI drink and I know thingsПре месец
  • Bi

    Fighter LmFighter LmПре месец
  • 14:08 "Watch this" more like watch me die👍

    Ranz WansssRanz WansssПре месец
  • I prefer a video with 3 ganes in it like this one rather than the ones with only one game nb3

    Enrico MuscoloEnrico MuscoloПре месец
  • D greatest paid actor award go's to .....Twitch!!

    Kirito KirigayaKirito KirigayaПре месец
  • gragas play was poooooog

    DendrothDendrothПре месец
  • music was so bad for this vid :(

    michael richtermichael richterПре месец
  • i0ki coming in clutch

    Vivek NatarajanVivek NatarajanПре месец
  • 9:05 song jajajja

  • GG one game!!!

  • Leona Roasted Twitch hahha

    Frenz Marlo del FinadoFrenz Marlo del FinadoПре месец
  • i always enjoy watching your streams and videos uploaded here, you're so funny dude lol keep it up

    Josh FlorenceJosh FlorenceПре месец
  • I guess goku fucked up to a cat

    - Astrid- AstridПре месец
  • This guy sucks he stole JoRo's music and monetized his videos and added like 12 ads in a 25 minute video, why do you guy's support him?

    VortexVortexПре месец
  • Oh no he’s devolving into ND5

    BAXDADDY JonesBAXDADDY JonesПре месец
  • Ahh, Rek'sai vs Lee Sin, its just like the old chinese proverb "The blind fighting the blind".

    Austin TuckettAustin TuckettПре месец
  • That savage leona comment 0:50 .

    Bharath A LBharath A LПре месец
  • Nb3: getting pretty good with eve Missed every q

    Accel eratorAccel eratorПре месец
  • 1:05 music name? :o

    RhareswenRhareswenПре месец
    • .

      DarkHeroDarkHeroПре месец
  • Pls more adverts, wtf 😂

    KeTTenReaKtioNKeTTenReaKtioNПре месец
  • Imagine 1 hour of pure content daily. "I have a dream..."

    Wesley PetersonWesley PetersonПре месец
  • Kinda disappointed that he didn't drop cy@ on that twitch

    Reuben AzurReuben AzurПре месец
  • Hey nightblue can you try yasuo jungle

    Lyon ChemsouLyon ChemsouПре месец
  • Savage Leona did burn the twitch

    Lyon ChemsouLyon ChemsouПре месец
  • Pathetic

    LYNX InstinctLYNX InstinctПре месец
  • Damn that Leona got him butthurt🤣🤣🤣

    love vablelove vableПре месец
  • The Avenged Sevenfold had me kicking.

    Logan SimmonsLogan SimmonsПре месец
  • remember when nightblue still had animes in his videos?

    Noel DejinoNoel DejinoПре месец
  • long vid lessss goooo

    khinos27khinos27Пре месец
  • Nightcry3

    CzernobogCzernobogПре месец
  • dude that 11:53 gragas play was godlike

    не! скользкаяне! скользкаяПре месец
  • Bro why do you never smite objectives are you saving smite for next game or what

    marios matiadismarios matiadisПре месец
  • u dont use w insta q for slow and u greed for ur r plus u need to play more for bot laners as eve cuz its ez ur 4 year viewer

    Acidic SauceAcidic SauceПре месец
  • NB3: lets pick rengar. Me: Yes Yes Yes! NB3 win Me like ,comment ,subscribe and send nb3 some donation. NB3: here comes the money. Money money money!

    Tails The FoxTails The FoxПре месец

    Ralph GarciaRalph GarciaПре месец
  • We get more content from GrandMasters than we ever got on his channel XD

    George OnisieGeorge OnisieПре месец
  • 19:25 LOL

    TheDracuTheDracuПре месец
  • These longer videos are so much better to watch and see u playing multiple champs!!

    he gehe geПре месец
  • почти ничего не понимаю что ты говоришь, но смотрю тебя уже давно, кек)))

    The Dead LionThe Dead LionПре месец
  • That halo theme music is lit❤️

    Aditya DoraAditya DoraПре месец
  • Song at 1:20?

    MajesticMangoMajesticMangoПре месец

    sebastian Laustensebastian LaustenПре месец
  • Pantheon: "Watch" "This" HAHAHA The music made that too funny.

    ShiloShiloПре месец
  • That comeback from Leona was so good and so true! Haha

    ShiloShiloПре месец
  • Song @7:00

    Isaiah SIsaiah SПре месец
  • Blob blob blob

    Andwuu DyAndwuu DyПре месец
  • There is video in your ads

    fakers-senpaifakers-senpaiПре месец
  • Nb3 with yasuo in enemy team : " Well GAnk HIM FIRST make him Go 0/10 ! , HES INTING " nB3 WITH yasuo in his team : " WELL , DO UR HASAKI , omg how are you not outplayin make him have 10 deaths !! !!"

    Akshat AnandAkshat AnandПре месец
  • Editor, can u pls stop spaming Gogeta's theme in every video?

    Víctor Méndez GuitartVíctor Méndez GuitartПре месец
  • that twitch is probably moe fanboy XD

    Living LegendLiving LegendПре месец
  • Nb3...your videos are always great. But maybe your editor can find some new music...maybe. new sound something. Every video is getting very repetitive.

    Daniel William FaulksDaniel William FaulksПре месец
  • .-.

    victor miguel ariasvictor miguel ariasПре месец
  • This whole L9 thing is honestly kinda cringe

    ChillingdudeChillingdudeПре месец
  • "nightblue has more viewers than people who remember your birthday" i mean, i cant deny it

    MoPhIAMoPhIAПре месец
  • Its so funny how u are tryin to „punish” toxic community while u are one of the most toxic players xddddd

    MalinMalinПре месец
  • Great, another L9 wanabe, this guy plays worse than RatIRL's left toe

    Tender and MoistTender and MoistПре месец
  • Leona have the power

    Ramadan NisfuRamadan NisfuПре месец
  • Hello from Odessa, Ukraine. Hope you’re doing well. That epic music in the end was amazing. But I think this episode lacks action yk. But as we say “IT IS WHAT IT IS”

    Magic DenMagic DenПре месец
  • Nb3 try using this build on rengar storm ravor,IE, trinity force, dusk blade, what do you call the cd boots?, and death dance

    Jaesel WaywayaJaesel WaywayaПре месец
  • Dam i feel the burn in that line....YOU GOTTA CHILL LEONA HE'S JUST A KID

    Jaesel WaywayaJaesel WaywayaПре месец
  • I like the new type of vids with 3/4 games instead of 1

    Koen MelKoen MelПре месец
  • I don't usually comment, but when I do, it's for saying that NightBlue3 has the best entertaining League of Legends content on RSworld.

    Aissam Eddine MoussaouiAissam Eddine MoussaouiПре месец
  • People hate you cus you salty af but I just relate too much to hate lmao

    Wouter SWouter SПре месец
  • 7000th like

    RakeRakeПре месец
  • Song at 5:00?

    Black AxeBlack AxeПре месец
    • Yoshikage Kiras theme jjba

      Dont use Among us profile picturesDont use Among us profile picturesПре месец
  • dude editor please stop using the same boring lame ass earrape music that you use every video

    D3spairn3ssD3spairn3ssПре месец
  • Haha nb is so bad on eve

    WargFar The MightyWargFar The MightyПре месец
  • 07:02 what is the song?

    Gabriel M MGabriel M MПре месец
  • Really appreciating the XXL uploads lately boys. 👍

    Jacob TranJacob TranПре месец
  • Twitch had the most stacked team with hella supports and still lost lmao.

    Jacob TranJacob TranПре месец
  • Honor Leona

    Faizan ShariffFaizan ShariffПре месец
  • Lmaooo Leona got your back

    Jacob TranJacob TranПре месец
  • Night blue hit a total of like 2 e’s on eve😭😭🤣🤣🤣

    Xanyo11Xanyo11Пре месец