10 сеп 2020
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  • Where's the one shot one kill?? Miss that

    Rajee Rainer AlidaoRajee Rainer AlidaoПре месец
  • 7:14 SPOILER ALERT for the ending of Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World!

    Peter AmezcuaPeter AmezcuaПре месец
  • Damn dokkan themes

    Silviu NeataSilviu NeataПре месец
  • 5:38 Nightblue just had an orgasm

    F1RL1ANF1RL1ANПре месец
  • 7:48 Barbakahn's musci wtf

    Red InferRed InferПре месец
  • You best midget in NA!)

    Killer QueenKiller QueenПре месец
  • "nightblue had no internet for 5 minutes", still streams...

    Klaus KrabbeKlaus KrabbeПре месец
  • the season 1 of attack on titan music at the end. ilove the edits

    Anniechie RiveroAnniechie RiveroПре месец
  • 7:48 y eso fue todo hijos de Odín. Se despide el comandante de las tropas nórdicas... BAR BA KAHN

    Gianfranco ButtazzoniGianfranco ButtazzoniПре месец
  • Say by the way one more time, I dare you

    Erik SköldbergErik SköldbergПре месец
  • Do people actually watch this toxic scapegoating player? Do you guys just like watching him mental boom, or what? It couldn't possibly be his character.

    V. DuskrenV. DuskrenПре месец
  • 5 mins = some secs

    Peter ApostolidisPeter ApostolidisПре месец
  • NB3 is tough when game is goin good for him, but when someone else is fed, he does not trust in skills of him. He cries: Carrying Nightblue3 as he spams surrender and complains "Challenger Zoe | 10.18" check this out. NB3 biatch side XD

    Fokn ShytFokn ShytПре месец
  • Phase Rush is broken af

    ironnarironnarПре месец
  • I came on this video to say the ban power is better

    ちーさ.ちーさ.Пре месец
  • Cringe...

    KatsukiiKatsukiiПре месец
  • Its a HOOF DIFF

    Jim Teh TERRANJim Teh TERRANПре месец
  • What song is 3:00

    Solemns *Solemns *Пре месец
  • God, you are sooooooo bad

    Mirella VicentinMirella VicentinПре месец
  • Now i finally understand why is heca nerfed

    VariSVariSПре месец
  • Garbage kid, I remember watching you way before face reveal. You actually explained & tried in games, your khazix was worth watching. Now you’re a sensitive, egocentric troll who is a waste of time to watch, have fun trying to break the high elo barrier you’ll never get

    (。◕‿◕。) KAWAII(。◕‿◕。) KAWAIIПре месец
  • Oh god, tank Ekko LOL

    Otaku TalksOtaku TalksПре месец
  • Go graves pls😢

    happyhappyПре месец
  • 7:50 se despide el comandante de las tropas nordicas, BAR BA KAHN

    Sapito SapoSapito SapoПре месец
  • hecarim main here... try this item... one shot hecarim... predator + boots of mobility + ghostblade + deads man plate

    MOTOMERCH vlogMOTOMERCH vlogПре месец
  • The soft "unstopable by the way" He realized mid sentence, by then it was too late

    WillwillowsWillwillowsПре месец
  • Clickbait title preview: I disconnected for 5mins... AND STILL CARRIED IN GRANDMA...

    Alejandro DessensAlejandro DessensПре месец
  • It's so nice to see that your team hold the game until you get back. In our server. These people will just run it down and tell the enemy team that you're dc'd

    Fate ZursadaFate ZursadaПре месец
  • Haha

    Brian_涼亭Brian_涼亭Пре месец
  • did Lia make you your hairline??'

    adrian hernandezadrian hernandezПре месец
  • the intro chat lasted about 2 videos

    benjamin linbenjamin linПре месец
  • الله یسعدک و یفرحک بحیاتک أخی أنا من متابعینک دیربالک علی نفسک ⁦❤️⁩

    mohammad rezamohammad rezaПре месец
  • 3:05 song?

    Sherif GharebSherif GharebПре месец
  • Man kingstix fk ur as* 😂😂😂

    omar al-Omariomar al-OmariПре месец
  • Crystal>nightblue and other junglers Cry NİGHTBLUE

    Canberk Gamer YTCanberk Gamer YTПре месец
  • Play shen jungle!!

    rizaldiluthfirizaldiluthfiПре месец
  • Literally Naruto music makes me feel so Good for some reason idk why

    Stratos PetridisStratos PetridisПре месец
  • 7:46 no man la música de Barba, ahí Nightblue recibió el poder de Odin

    Edu N. JansenEdu N. JansenПре месец
  • Why do u guys watch this guy LOL?

    UltimateEarthElementUltimateEarthElementПре месец
  • Anyone miss the kappa award

    Vinh LêVinh LêПре месец
  • I like how nb3 keeps showing when he finishes his jg clears. Looks so satisfying

    Azzam AndiAzzam AndiПре месец
  • I think NB3 is back on form like the monster substitute jungler of TSM in season 3. He's against the former rank 1 and rank 2 btw.

    Jon EleazarJon EleazarПре месец
  • After this game he lost 8 games in a row

    Loc NgoLoc NgoПре месец
  • attack on titan ost like it

    iZealousiZealousПре месец
  • 7:44 BarbaKhan Moment

    Sergio ReyesSergio ReyesПре месец
  • This went well for 1 game and then just fall straight on his face

    Le Duc PhatLe Duc PhatПре месец

    alial66alial66Пре месец
  • I don't owe anybody anymore thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    lorine smithlorine smithПре месец
  • Where are the intros

    Stefano yesStefano yesПре месец
  • I can finally enjoy life with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Rohim HasanRohim HasanПре месец
  • 9:30 Attack on titan music ❤️

    AssassimAssassimПре месец
  • 4:04 lmfao

    Loay Awad لؤى عوضLoay Awad لؤى عوضПре месец
  • when u don't get lp if u dc and comeback 6:24 one of a family member acting like he/she worries 100% they did something to the internet but shy to admit my brothers usually download youtube HD videos XD she had something to do with it lol

    Loay Awad لؤى عوضLoay Awad لؤى عوضПре месец
  • Just remembered that horse power is the name of a dick size enchancer. Just wanted to put that out there

    Big Bäni HBig Bäni HПре месец
  • What's the last songs' name?

    Diego PazDiego PazПре месец
  • Jung diff

    Teodor ChiruTeodor ChiruПре месец
  • KingStix > Nighthumble3

    Luiz RimbaireLuiz RimbaireПре месец
  • What a beefy horsie.

    Cinder FallCinder FallПре месец
  • Yo NB3 I tried this rune page and heca stuffs in my last promo game to plat and guess what i made it . Good job with the videos buddy keep in goin! IT IS WHAT IT IS

    Lûnatiç RivenLûnatiç RivenПре месец
  • Nb3!!!!

    Night SkyNight SkyПре месец
  • LULU DIFFERENCE SO BAD LOL! That's got a be the most trashies Lulu in NA. Even I'm a better Lulu player than her and I'm unranked? I can stomp on gold and higher ranked players because I have an IQ of a challenger rank. I'm a Lulu player from Oceania. It's literally the same map over and over nothing new except updates to the map? I mastered the map since the day I started playing league of legends. OK and bye NB3. Lulu and I we hope you'll get to challenger rank. Good luck out there.

    Potene TalivaiPotene TalivaiПре месец
  • can you use the red riot theme sometime in your video?

    Cecily GoddessCecily GoddessПре месец
  • That's the NB3 we all love

    SlidzySlidzyПре месец
  • So that Nunu 👀??

    devon ydevon yПре месец
  • It is true, nb team plays better without him :/

    Petar KosticPetar KosticПре месец
  • I cheered for the enemy team, because at so much disadvantage and still made great plays and almost comes back

    Santos MoralesSantos MoralesПре месец
  • Can you play vi pls and show that runes build too✌️✌️

    Cani ZimeriCani ZimeriПре месец
  • Dude the same happened to me the other day in a skarner jg game, we were winning then a shutdown happened and I was afk for about 5 mins too. When I came back the other team killed baron and there was no midlane anymore. Fortunately, we all were super fed and won the game in a quick tf, but in the end I didn't get any lp unlike you :( (btw I was running aftershock skarner but everyone says I should play it with phase rush, you should make a video of that). Great video man :)

    José Carlos QuinteroJosé Carlos QuinteroПре месец
  • 7:56 Barbakhan Ending Time?

    LuisxD20LuisxD20Пре месец
  • Nightblue try using PREDATOR, Nightblue it Will be fun

    Ragen rizRagen rizПре месец
  • build isn't OP you are just Feed

    Pynoo 16Pynoo 16Пре месец
  • The very best JUNGLER EVER BABYYYY

    Majd AlkhoriMajd AlkhoriПре месец

    Majd AlkhoriMajd AlkhoriПре месец
  • Name of the runes and build guides please

    Philip Ryan ReyesPhilip Ryan ReyesПре месец
  • The old classic jungle differential !

    Nick NickolovNick NickolovПре месец
  • ok i need that song 5:30.anyone ?

    kaji Geragouskaji GeragousПре месец
  • Show some zed game

    Abhishek NaithaniAbhishek NaithaniПре месец
  • Afk for 2 minutes not 5

    extinct missingextinct missingПре месец
  • On which side do nightblue just look at the runes ?? Ps: Pround of you that´s not a loli con side :D

    Kaneko YatoKaneko YatoПре месец
  • I am actually triggered by you when you buy deaths dance and sterak together. DOOD LIFELINE WORKS ONLY ONCE

    Gábor PintérGábor PintérПре месец
  • "Is Hecarim gonna be the final 100 lp to challenger?" Little did he know, he loses 200 instead...Sadge

    MrGreen 03MrGreen 03Пре месец
    • XDDDD

      RaymendRaymendПре месец
  • *Akali got double kill* Nb3: "That champion is not balanced" Also riot: Nerfed Akali 20 times

    Airi HamadaAiri HamadaПре месец
  • you shouldve gone back to the replay and seen how the akali won that 2v1 where she ulted into trap cuz i need to know

    Savage AgeSavage AgeПре месец
  • i was perma banned just now for typing i like apples in chat

    Za WarudoZa WarudoПре месец
  • This guy is a cringey loser...people are weird so I don't read replies continue with your day.

    D JD JПре месец
  • Man, I miss your short speeches before the gameplay starts.

    Shannaro ColdShannaro ColdПре месец
  • nicewwwwww .... that was so awesome 👌🏼✌🏼

    Ahmed 7Ahmed 7Пре месец
  • Hello, I'm a low elo noob (gold) and I don't know how the LP in high elo works. I mean, he's in Grand Master with 316 LP, what does he has to do to get to challenger?

    Andres FregosoAndres FregosoПре месец
    • You need to be 400 LP Grandmaster to get to Challenger

      Jeptha M. OsorioJeptha M. OsorioПре месец
  • The sentence on the thumbnail should've been ''High horse power''

    EdicorEdicorПре месец

    Niki TareNiki TareПре месец
  • 8:36 famous last words

    Janko SoskicJanko SoskicПре месец
  • Love you

    Jagär dumJagär dumПре месец
  • I saw you stream for the first time this week like 2 or 3 streams and my god you are a different person when streaming.. You were toxic as f*ck and constantly being negative and bitching about how everything was your teams fault and how terrible they were.. Night and day difference with this video..

    KitetheTidecallerKitetheTidecallerПре месец
  • When you realize the classical music in the background is the attack on titan theme

    Pancake WafflezPancake WafflezПре месец
  • Bro u went against karismai

    heean changheean changПре месец
  • What is the background music when u'r picking?

    olzeen hermoolzeen hermoПре месец
  • ur macro and gameplay remember a silver3 euw player

    Ni. LocoNi. LocoПре месец
  • What is the song at 8:10 ?

    Trần Quý ĐứcTrần Quý ĐứcПре месец
  • Where's my NB3 introduction to the video? D:

    Kassa StyleKassa StyleПре месец
  • You used my title suggestion XD

    LexorelLexorelПре месец