23 сеп 2020
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  • what.. are you doing e-evelynn..?

    Nightblue3Nightblue3Пре месец
    • oof i think i knew where this is going :)

      Dela Cruz I Carl Justine .Dela Cruz I Carl Justine .Пре месец
    • seriously what is the soundtrack at0:41

      Cecily GoddessCecily GoddessПре месец
    • im the guy who did 420 like

      Oh no noOh no noПре месец
    • You did pretty good at Evelynn

      Dave Ryan JabloDave Ryan JabloПре месец
    • Nb can you bring back "Never fear, Josh is here"

      Tomioka _HurricaneTomioka _HurricaneПре месец
  • Is NB3 chelenger?

    BadSanta 《II》BadSanta 《II》Пре 5 дана
  • Better eve is KingStix

    RippedChanchoRippedChanchoПре 15 дана
  • NB3: Practice enough you get good at something Nubrac: I practice inting

    Ghosted SpiritGhosted SpiritПре 17 дана
  • im from czech republic and i dont like our porn

    ZYKLANZYKLANПре 21 дан
  • Hey nb, why r u so lame ?

    Cpt BambooCpt BambooПре 21 дан
  • twerk city cardi

    Demontri DraughnDemontri DraughnПре 26 дана
  • Not complaining because his opening song is still lit. He has has it since 2017 after looking at a video from then lol.

    GamerX ProdigyGamerX ProdigyПре 26 дана
  • Тот момент, когда хочешь научиться играть в лесу, а тут найтблу3 со своими рофловидео и из-за этого я не могу никак взять д1...

    LemisfelLemisfelПре 27 дана
  • i need that EVELYNN Thumbnails. so nice

  • 3:03 I’m just going to leave this here lmao

    CODENAME: ShadowCODENAME: ShadowПре 29 дана
  • Wait nb3 plays dokkan?

    quinlan kohquinlan kohПре 29 дана
  • Look, I'm new to this channel and I'm already loving the thumbnail

    Yehosua Aaron MonferoYehosua Aaron MonferoПре месец
  • I mean if you’re having fun with Eve, don’t let people stop you lol. There’s certain stuff you do on Eve that I question but what’s a silver Eve main to a high elo jungler haha

    FeyolenFeyolenПре месец
  • im better

    Il CiucciatoreIl CiucciatoreПре месец
  • Good thumbnail but the music timing is pretty yikes sometimes

    Wouter SWouter SПре месец
  • Title : "HOTTEST 🔥 EVELYNN YOU'LL EVER SEE!: Video : There is a bit of wukong

    Mower PLMower PLПре месец
  • dark harvest better

    Mower PLMower PLПре месец
  • The thumbnail tho

    Badran patatataBadran patatataПре месец
  • champ for noobs

    Jesse IlolaJesse IlolaПре месец
  • The thumbnail💀

    StormBlazer69StormBlazer69Пре месец
  • KEIO >

    ZhairaKZhairaKПре месец
  • Try using charm into e more you can 100 - 0 on that wombo alone

    OrganixOrganixПре месец
  • Alright that thumbnail got me to chuckle

    OB SupremacyOB SupremacyПре месец
  • pls play ap rengar plzzzzzzzz

    luca Lolxdluca LolxdПре месец
  • Thumbail?

    Maksim JesicMaksim JesicПре месец
  • I love the dokkan music, keep it up!

    Silviu NeataSilviu NeataПре месец
  • the thumbnail lol


    DaishoKamikaze BGDaishoKamikaze BGПре месец
  • 4.20 bronze euwest moment

    Ni. LocoNi. LocoПре месец
  • Night buddy,why were you so toxic when playing vs Azzap :'D he did obliterate all of you to oblivion but still... :'''D

    Undead JusticeUndead JusticeПре месец
  • I bet you can't play Vel'Koz jungle

    Zafer DEMİRCİZafer DEMİRCİПре месец
  • 0:43 you say portuguese?so cool,i'm from brazil i like your videos xD

    pedro freitaspedro freitasПре месец
  • Too Many ads.

    Vigo MatukaVigo MatukaПре месец
  • Meh, dont like your "new format"

    xeranox1xeranox1Пре месец
  • isnt nb3 a fortnite streamer?

    gogokittyexpressgogokittyexpressПре месец
  • NB is right, you should practice (Practice in rank)

    Solo LevelerSolo LevelerПре месец
  • Why is NB3 acting like he doesn't know how to play eve? Have none of you been watching for more than like 2 years? It's just been a while since hes tried

    Finly dudeFinly dudeПре месец
  • hmmm from 141LP Evelin game to 66 LP rengar game its going well i see....

    MrGeoMeoMrGeoMeoПре месец

    liam landerloosliam landerloosПре месец
  • whata joke of a steamer actually dawg

    Worlds Gaming SocietyWorlds Gaming SocietyПре месец
  • The videos are more cringe nowdays with the same music every time nb does something. Add more memes.

    Emanuel NilssonEmanuel NilssonПре месец
  • uff even gogetas ost man this guy is a man of culture

    Zeyd AkdagZeyd AkdagПре месец
  • What is the song name in end of video

    Hussein AnwarHussein AnwarПре месец
  • this evellyn is a bullshit bro, if u want see the hottest evellyn in the world watch the keio

    velvelПре месец
  • Nightblue's thumbnails are getting out of hand but i like it

    Hoang Minh Nguyen PhanHoang Minh Nguyen PhanПре месец
  • cool

    doing63doing63Пре месец
  • Cant wait to see you challenger ♥️♥️

    Hamza AtariHamza AtariПре месец
  • i LOVE the 20 mins video its great, the perfect lenght and the most beautiful thing about it is that its not boring at all to watch its well edited AND the bonus is that we get to spend a bit more time with you in our day !

    Kamal MtlKamal MtlПре месец
  • Actually i just want one thing undertale music in the background please i miss those days

    Lil MilanLil MilanПре месец

    baShbaShПре месец
  • I love this epic undertale song ❤️😂

    Florian HuberFlorian HuberПре месец
  • Didnt really wanna watch just wanted to say the thumbnail cold.

    HDBlitz23HDBlitz23Пре месец
  • Petition: Make the Tyler1 memes great again!

    Wesley PetersonWesley PetersonПре месец
  • Hey! Please listen to my new Beat and tell me what you think! I love you

    HorizonHorizonПре месец
  • I need to say, I love FE ots on your vid

    ZorinZorinПре месец
  • at the end what is it?

    Jim AggelopoulosJim AggelopoulosПре месец
  • Why is every1 playing tahm ??

    AzotAzotПре месец
  • That thumbnail scares me.

    Iron ScorpionIron ScorpionПре месец
  • Fake taxi

    高與停高與停Пре месец
  • Not gonna lie.. this tumbnails are lowkey awesome! 😃

    Aleksander NovakAleksander NovakПре месец
  • 1 Quest.. : why du you never play Lee Sin anymore. He is so good

    Jonas Saxild DanielsenJonas Saxild DanielsenПре месец
  • you evelynn is so good, but is nothing than keio with evelynn

    Lunatico2131Lunatico2131Пре месец
  • 12:40 hello mr pants yone

    3koyyy3koyyyПре месец
  • I don't know why but I can see the future and that is me at the Kappa Award.

    Jose Norberto VerdeJose Norberto VerdeПре месец
  • I dont know if its the skin but i keep hearing small meows or its just my cats

    eren kuroganeeren kuroganeПре месец
  • Press like for more JoJo meme in the upcoming video.

    ZeRo CsDZeRo CsDПре месец
  • It is what it is

  • you should search for a brazilian youtuber named keio, mono eve

    Igor BoeckIgor BoeckПре месец
  • Is that Dokkan music Im hearing? sir you’ve won my like

    Michael ChristidisMichael ChristidisПре месец
  • wtf 3 games in the row ty nb3

    Noct 79Noct 79Пре месец
  • Ranger on toplane pog

    Alexandros KanellopoulosAlexandros KanellopoulosПре месец
  • 6:42 so actually he got good bursted but this was in no universe a one-shot😂

    HeisenbergHeisenbergПре месец
  • thats some heavy clickbait right there. i didnt even watch the video i just had to click it 😂😂😂

    DIllonDIllonПре месец
  • wtf is this thumbnail

    niteniteПре месец
  • I see nb is into fake agent, taxi and stuff like that i think you should visit czechia the country where 90% of that p is made

    AwakeHoppsAwakeHoppsПре месец
  • That thumbnail is suspicious

    MuhdSoleh- 8886MuhdSoleh- 8886Пре месец
  • Where is the dance from the end of vid?? :

    GaBekXGaBekXПре месец
  • kingsticks better

    hamzaaltairhamzaaltairПре месец
    • so true

      Nyna LevenNyna LevenПре месец
  • It is, what it is. -Nightblue3

    Juhiver TauracJuhiver TauracПре месец
  • i think you should see Keios's videos, he is a evelynn player on Brazil (in fact he is mora a sociopath than a player)

    ricardoricardoПре месец
  • Why do i have a memory of the thumbnail Nb3 on the left side and eve on the right??

  • Gotta love the dokkan blue gogeta theme, now that's a man of culture XD

    CallMeGaiaCallMeGaiaПре месец
  • this Wu Kong is hurting my Communist feelings, comrades! :'D (привет из России)

    Даниил ГорбатовДаниил ГорбатовПре месец
  • Your only going to be scary once you get passed that bush on your head and masters mmr XDQ

    Mason BergMason BergПре месец
  • NB3 : Uses all his kit on 1 champ. Also NB3 : ONE SHOT!

    SeightaSeightaПре месец
  • The feeling when you minimize the screen cuz the games done but you realize you’re only halfway into the vid 😁😁

    BeanHeadBeanHeadПре месец
    • The feeling when you minimize the screen cuz both games are done but you realize you’re only 3/4 way into the vid 😁😁😁😃😃😃

      BeanHeadBeanHeadПре месец
  • Kinda want eve inside me rn

    mrk pastilatumrk pastilatuПре месец
  • I'm really excited for The Baddest Eve aaaa

  • 16:10 I did laugh, but I feel your pain buddy

    Marko PAVIĆMarko PAVIĆПре месец
  • Love the thumbnail dude! I also thought the old brief intro explaining the champs/builds was pretty sweet too

    Bradley NystromBradley NystromПре месец
  • lmao best thumbnail so far man !

    Love My catLove My catПре месец
  • CLEAN , Baby!

    Saint PyreSaint PyreПре месец
  • 6:55

    Cole RasmussenCole RasmussenПре месец
  • Sudden impact on eve or cheapshot?

    Alexandrei Mica AureAlexandrei Mica AureПре месец
  • Okay what

    I guess its UmutI guess its UmutПре месец
  • eve movement speed is torture for enemy team lmao

    cristine Acristine AПре месец
  • 9:54 whats the music

    BaconBaconПре месец
  • 6:39 whats the music?

    BaconBaconПре месец
  • the thumbnails 👌🏻

    Instant Noodle GenerationInstant Noodle GenerationПре месец