3 сеп 2020
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  • 6:14 morg montage 6:21 :) NB's cat : fuk dat am out

    Long Tran DaiLong Tran DaiПре 22 дана
  • Im a kayn main and im lvl 5 with him

    Da dudesDa dudesПре 22 дана
  • He used to love playing kayn now he barely plays kayn

    Da dudesDa dudesПре месец
  • 8:40 his face tho lmaooo

    Aous Al NaharAous Al NaharПре месец
  • Music at 5:00 ?

    as #10as #10Пре месец
  • Riot: Ok ok... guys new champion out. NB3: OK its a jungler and a beyblade, what more could i ask for..

    Gr1ddsGr1ddsПре месец
  • 2:50 why didnt kill the crab? can someone explain

    Korutesu SenseiKorutesu SenseiПре месец
    • It died from the jungle item

      MihajlordMihajlordПре месец
  • Ngl that kait ult did look like a turret shot

    Oscar DeWalleOscar DeWalleПре месец
  • Were those Dyrus references :3

    DJAVU12DJAVU12Пре месец
  • Whenever I hear nighbtlue's voice, I would immediately feel nostalgic. I would be reminded of great morning, with sun rays not too strong and a fresh hot coffee. I know it's weird but, thank you.

    JepoyJepoyПре месец

    LedgeLedgeПре месец
  • cool

    doing63doing63Пре месец
  • Liked for the bleach OST .......... amazing.

    Sebastian GiuntaSebastian GiuntaПре месец
  • 5:12 lel that cait

    Mars TsuiMars TsuiПре месец
  • What kind of drugs have you started taking my guy?

    DoYouSmokeKushDoYouSmokeKushПре месец
  • That Morgana carried you in bot ganks lul

    Ailin ZhouAilin ZhouПре месец
  • i love nightblue but oh my god this editing is really kinda annoying

    ProbablyDead OofProbablyDead OofПре месец
  • 冬ソナ懐かしすぎやろ

    スカスカスカイスカスカスカイПре месец
  • 1:58 sounds like the music in highschool dxd if you know you know 😈😈

    HX.OrbitHX.OrbitПре месец
  • My dad divorced his dad after this one :(

    AlphaDaddyAlphaDaddyПре месец
  • can all assassins include infinity edge at their build? so that you rape your enemies one two.

    JudeeJudeeПре месец
  • i want to hear agian CY@ bonobo like old times....

  • 0:39 What is this music?

    Hani FikryHani FikryПре месец
  • Alien Invasion NB3: Oh it's a new jungler.

    Rahat Hussain Raza 44Rahat Hussain Raza 44Пре месец
  • At 6:04 what's this music name?

    Rahat Hussain Raza 44Rahat Hussain Raza 44Пре месец
  • 8# '99/ 59 )8// ;955#

    Ouch!Ouch!Пре месец
  • I wonder what is the name of BGM played at 9:50

    paco lipaco liПре месец
    • GroupPlays thank u so much

      paco lipaco liПре месец
    • Boruto Naruto the Movie OST - Spin and Burst

      GroupPlaysGroupPlaysПре месец
    • Can someone pls tell me ? That’s awesome

      paco lipaco liПре месец
  • Try blade of the ruin king

    NezukoNezukoПре месец
  • Please stop playing with camera

    Yonko TerikiYonko TerikiПре месец

    Allan SánchezAllan SánchezПре месец
  • It's so strange that two different songs/soundtracks play at the same time every video :/

    FalbalFalbalПре месец
  • this game is custom ....

    The_Jason 007The_Jason 007Пре месец
  • Lol you still exist!?!

    Syri RaySyri RayПре месец
  • Haha ! Nice bait, you paiyed those dudes to 1 Vs 5 you...

    Oleg GomanchenkoOleg GomanchenkoПре месец
  • Fans: Moving Katarina ult is kinda op, don't you think- Riot: OP doesn't exist in our dictionary

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheJust Some Guy without a MustacheПре месец
    • I always see you with piano covers lmfao. Are you a pianist?

      Roberto LiwanagRoberto LiwanagПре месец
    • This guy is everywhere

      Sandiya MeinamSandiya MeinamПре месец
  • I love new/old nb3 whit old editing and gameplay keep it up!!!!!

    Marko SlavićMarko SlavićПре месец
  • Dante from DCM = Samira

    CrixboyGamingCrixboyGamingПре месец
  • 200 years of design exp .And all thay do is just mash old bullshit and call it new .EAT IT SCRUBS

    Дмитрий БойченкоДмитрий БойченкоПре месец
  • Can the w block Caitlyn ult ?

    Amien MahamedAmien MahamedПре месец
  • im that poor jg =(

    Michelangelo GiulianteMichelangelo GiulianteПре месец
  • ty rito for giving us a ranged kata

    Desertfox01Desertfox01Пре месец
  • no matter what you say master yi is the absolute master of jungling. it just depends on how good your games is but normally i will be able to solo baron between 20 and 25th min if it is not a bad game on my part. that is when i successfully use q to dodge any cc and you can singlehandedly carry the whole game no matter what. I am bron8ze but I believe in yi cause I did carry a game singlehandedly in which my mid gave 1st blood and ragequit at 4 min and bot lane feeding and top playing under turret. And I did all this just because syndra split from her team at nexys turret She just gave me enough gold for wit's end and I carried the entire game from there. all my deaths were before that. :) :) I LOVE MASTER YI but the problem is my early game sucks and when i feed instead of killing its most probably game over. My games are too unstable? cause i believe if i can stabilize in one of my better games i can get to gold. But I am bronze and I am not ashamed when I feed cause "a true master is an eternal student"

    Vishnu SVishnu SПре месец
  • you said you will make anything a jungler i want to see thresh jungle cause i absolutely failed doing that in one of my 1st ever league games

    Vishnu SVishnu SПре месец
  • 4:31 who's that dude in the background bf or a roommate

    Loay Awad لؤى عوضLoay Awad لؤى عوضПре месец
    • My comment got deleted? Well to recap: Boys from your shoite-hole have long pinkish blonde hair and act like girls in general? I figured! yala yala mdrfkr

      LaraLaraПре месец
    • @Lara no why?

      Loay Awad لؤى عوضLoay Awad لؤى عوضПре месец
    • Is that supposed to be somehow funny?

      LaraLaraПре месец
  • Why he have 70 ping on PBE?? My ping is 200...

    Simple PersonSimple PersonПре месец
  • Man why tf buy mt boots when they are full ad an lulu ??

    Pavel AirakovPavel AirakovПре месец
  • can you do a one supp champ 5 games 5 different lane and if you lost you gotta have a consequence

    others Spaceothers SpaceПре месец
  • where is jojo edit

    KristiqnssSKristiqnssSПре месец
  • U cannot see cait's ult because of the laser target of the turrent

    Romeo VitalistaRomeo VitalistaПре месец
  • As Katarina main, i approve of that "E in R E out" move 😁👍

    SelmokkSelmokkПре месец
  • No matter what, she will get the Aphelios Therapie;)

    DatOneshotThoDatOneshotThoПре месец
  • This is the video and intro i wana seee

    Cosmin VladescuCosmin VladescuПре месец
  • She's bad at doing Dragon, so that's a thing.

    Mason HilemanMason HilemanПре месец
  • NB3 deliberately has curly hair because he knows I love guys like that and he deliberately makes it more visible. (Ima boy btw)

    Pingvi :pPingvi :pПре месец
  • ulti 3 seconds?

    7Jinn7JinnПре месец
  • So who still plays Katarina?

    Vice VirtueVice VirtueПре месец
  • I guess you could call this the samira LIThality build, eh? Eh? I'll show myself out

    melabolicmelabolicПре месец
  • tbh man. 30-7 game doesn’t feature this champ man.

    Chang XiaChang XiaПре месец
  • dude, finish intro is really bad, ı wish u change plsssss

    sayko adamsayko adamПре месец

    Azell XDAzell XDПре месец
  • Sorry, I was gonna watch the entire video first But now that I heard the Beyblade opening song, I'm off to watch the series, byee xd

    P DezsP DezsПре месец
  • i love that, nightblue enjoying playing samira, meanwhile trashtalking katarina players since i remember x)

    Hentai ProfessorHentai ProfessorПре месец
  • I think without morg shield Nightblue would have a hard time cause the enemy has a lot of CC

    joshua diolantojoshua diolantoПре месец

    xXRoyalZedXxxXRoyalZedXxПре месец
  • 1:34 xD

    Arsenije veljovicArsenije veljovicПре месец
  • 4:44 music from naruto and instant transmission sound from dragon ball? Something is really wrong here

    17Rasti17RastiПре месец
  • You best midget in NA!)

    Killer QueenKiller QueenПре месец
  • 11:02 i m vibing

    Alinush 144hzAlinush 144hzПре месец
  • This nigthblue never gets old

    Piece HallsPiece HallsПре месец
  • I still cant understand this champ

    Paulius DumbliauskasPaulius DumbliauskasПре месец
  • Hello, I have an youtube channel with League of Legends content, it will help me a lot if u can share and subscribe because the channel is new, thank u mates and have a nice day!!!!

    BoboBoboПре месец
  • i miss the old outros when there was a league joke at the end

    Emil ._.Emil ._.Пре месец
  • 4:26 i wanna to know the name of this sound pls IIIIEEEII

    • @SITOFREACH7 np

      Augustus MaximusAugustus MaximusПре месец
    • @Augustus Maximus thanks

    • Cuphead theme I think

      Augustus MaximusAugustus MaximusПре месец
  • bravo so balance

    Cường LêCường LêПре месец
  • NB3 Why not try "on hit" build on her?

    Joel ErikssonJoel ErikssonПре месец
  • do you know what would be fun if he recorded himself watching his replays and then explaning what did he wrong and what he should have done there that would be amazing

  • lehtality

    Zach DaviesZach DaviesПре месец
  • hey NIGHTBLUE i have a question what is if kayn starts hitting samira in melee range and what is if samira is in ranged range

    Ruben MikloRuben MikloПре месец
  • I prefer this more, no intro. I'm okay with intros being there sometimes if that's where the channel is going but if they are going to stay, I'd prefer if they were short and to the point.

    Talmage JonesTalmage JonesПре месец
  • Something is fishy here .. No "BEST JUNGLER EVER " in the title ... NB must have a twin brother who took over the channel :D

    Silent SilenceSilent SilenceПре месец
  • Bottom lane is really fucked first they made an assasin support now they made the adc an assassin

    Ikki KuroganeIkki KuroganeПре месец
  • This champ looks ... disgusting

    LavzoLavzoПре месец
  • Samira lvl5: Samira lvl6: DIE DIE DIE 1:30

    Giorgi GigilashviliGiorgi GigilashviliПре месец
  • I'm looking forward to squaring off against this

    Michael BaileeMichael BaileeПре месец
  • Give me the Kappa reward, that's that, give it !

    Fake VeracityFake VeracityПре месец
  • Yassuo got master in Jungle LOL.

    Joseph Teran PereiraJoseph Teran PereiraПре месец
  • Ah yes. LEHTALITY

    Hreidar Orn HlynssonHreidar Orn HlynssonПре месец
  • 6:22 fck dat i'm out

    Ernest GrigorasErnest GrigorasПре месец
  • Or C grab IE

    Joe CrawfordJoe CrawfordПре месец
  • Mom: "go play with the neighbor kid" The neighbor kid: 3:03

    NelsonNelsonПре месец
    • Do you know the song that was playing during that part ?

      ahmed imamahmed imamПре месец
  • yo this editor is so great especially the jojo background music

    Chid GamingChid GamingПре месец
  • The moment I knew that I have to like this video was when I heared bayblade song. GJ Artful!

    Vigo MatukaVigo MatukaПре месец
  • Sound effect at 0:39?

    TonelockTonelockПре месец
  • Music 1:53 ??? Pls

    Meow HasagiMeow HasagiПре месец
  • Samira:Live fast die young Lil peep:Get cake die young

    LiL GaBeLiL GaBeПре месец
  • 6:44 min song name?

    Andrés GAndrés GПре месец
  • Is every new champion going to be a yasuo related champ......yone the dual blade yasuo........samira the girl with a gun yasuo

    Alexis CallejaAlexis CallejaПре месец
  • Ph fan here nightblue love your vids. Never forgot the soraka jungle love that ambulance HAHA

    Brillianth XhyrrylBrillianth XhyrrylПре месец
  • I feel like you should never EQ together with this champion even though it's an option. It ruins your style rating and you would have to wait for your Q cooldown to get S rank

    Angus ChenAngus ChenПре месец
  • I personally enjoy these intros. What do you guys think?

    Adrian RodriguezAdrian RodriguezПре месец