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    Nightblue3Nightblue3Пре месец
    • bro stop asking revop to edit, and just give it full time job to pay. Gosh hecarim vid was boring I do understand there was less content cause you're playing more oter games on stream but not a your best gameplay with no funny editing was really nat good. i press the like button to get you more money but other wise it wouldn't be green just to point on the edit xD

      Skander HaoualaSkander HaoualaПре месец

      Star BarzsStar BarzsПре месец
    • Your editors crank it up to 11 with this one

      kent teokent teoПре месец
    • Ram>Rem

      Mr. RottweilerMr. RottweilerПре месец
    • This should get Kappa award.

      Jack0psJack0psПре месец
  • 5:19 did pantheon r just slow ulting olaf

  • I wach this because of edit

    JustPeterJustPeterПре 7 дана
  • I cant belive how awesome the editor are

    Augusto MarkiewiczAugusto MarkiewiczПре 12 дана
  • 3:11 ;)

    Bruce HanBruce HanПре 13 дана
  • That opening cinematic almost made me want to play jungle.

    TheYoungPyroTheYoungPyroПре 14 дана
  • what was that attack on titan opening remix? anyone have a link?

    Joey ChirdoJoey ChirdoПре 18 дана
  • what is a dangoo?

    Just MeJust MeПре 25 дана
  • I love it thank you so much for the awesome work ❤️💕🔥

    Moba Dev YtMoba Dev YtПре 25 дана
  • The edits tho

    Oh No noOh No noПре 27 дана
  • I love this intro

    Kajai-Kamiche DennisKajai-Kamiche DennisПре 27 дана
  • First one i watch after taking a break in league content and BROOO feels good to be back

    Epoy Lang malakasEpoy Lang malakasПре 28 дана
  • What's the song's name at 4:15?

    Andres RubioAndres RubioПре 28 дана
  • 5:18 i thought olaf was immune to cc during his ult. Did Pantheon ult slow him? is this a game mechanic i'm not aware of?

    Rikki YapRikki YapПре 29 дана

    Jojo ChavezJojo ChavezПре месец
  • i must say editing 10/10

    FireflyBrahhFireflyBrahhПре месец
  • 0:14 the music 🤭😏

    The Man behind The SlaughterThe Man behind The SlaughterПре месец
  • 2.6M subs but less than 200k views,whats going on?

    Left VassisLeft VassisПре месец
  • whoever edited this vid, shit's funny ))

    Dzimka BujiashviliDzimka BujiashviliПре месец
  • Tell your editor to not use police sirens in the next videos because stoners are watching too. :D

    Rai4ixxRai4ixxПре месец
  • cool

    doing63doing63Пре месец
  • Editor: every time you make me laugh out loud at my favorite streamer's video I'm gonna comment how awesome you are.

    Isaac WelshIsaac WelshПре месец
  • yassuo: lets go! (as if insta win then loses hardcore)

    KunogariKunogariПре месец
  • i actualy found a bug in this video xD 5:18 olaf with ult got somehow slowed xD RITOPLS

    0ryp4ukPuk0ryp4ukPukПре месец
  • That cinematic is spicy 🔥🔥

    Shanong SkiShanong SkiПре месец
  • Quiero tomar este momento para agradecer al editor por regresarle la diversión a los videos de NB3

    Hi Im MickuHi Im MickuПре месец

    Hi Im MickuHi Im MickuПре месец
  • I have seen other LoL streamers try to have their vid edited like this but its def not as good. This has me cracking up all the time.

    Adrian HannaAdrian HannaПре месец
  • whats the song at 4:25

    The Xeno ProjektThe Xeno ProjektПре месец
  • *aot music*The editor really knows how to bring the hype

    LeenLeenПре месец
  • i give it a like for the aot music

    Maverick MEDLINMaverick MEDLINПре месец
  • Imagine simping on pixels

    Benas StrodomskisBenas StrodomskisПре месец

    Martin DanovMartin DanovПре месец
  • Evelyn never thought nb3 would be "DO NE" that fast

    ZutoshiZutoshiПре месец
  • the intro killed meee

  • nice editing

    TyfyhTyfyhПре месец
  • Editor: THIS IS (pantheon hits stopwatch)😅 EPIC!!!👏

    Angel Maverique IbayAngel Maverique IbayПре месец
  • the editing reminds me of Tobias Fate and LL Stylish. hmmmmmmmmmm

    7th Heaven7th HeavenПре месец
  • wait what song is that in the intro? Thats fire bro

    OMFGNinja PotatoOMFGNinja PotatoПре месец
  • 6:56 the sound effect 😂😂😂

    love vablelove vableПре месец
  • You can't watch NB3s video without using earphones lol

    AVM VlogsAVM VlogsПре месец
  • editor is enjoying for a bit in that intro

    PHEOPHEOПре месец
  • Literally the only person online who wouldn’t use yassuo and doublelift in their title, respect ;)

    Night 2Night 2Пре месец
  • Too many editsss, get your old editor back!!!!

    Mete UzgişiMete UzgişiПре месец
  • Lets see who's gonna be the next one

    andy Zhouandy ZhouПре месец
  • ive never clicked off this fast

    Tv MuffinTv MuffinПре месец
  • Wait i have a dezavu this game is a replay it has to be

    Sancta TerraSancta TerraПре месец
  • How does the editor do this with one hand?

    devandhrewdevandhrewПре месец
  • nice one

    BigBrain TeemoBigBrain TeemoПре месец
  • You r the king👑

    yuvalgouyuvalgouПре месец
  • these two games were the most entertaining games ever

    Paul PhamPaul PhamПре месец
  • Song name as 6:58ish ?

    Diana E VDiana E VПре месец
  • editor putting in work

    ThePizzamanThePizzamanПре месец
  • 6:21 the last episode tho waiting for next one

    AnimelorddAnimelorddПре месец
  • 3:11 sauce? 3:56

    AnimelorddAnimelorddПре месец
  • What is having prio?

    Captain KarmaCaptain KarmaПре месец
  • DL + NB3 Twitch Rival confirmed ?

    the Mileniummanthe MileniummanПре месец
  • Editor should have his own channel xDD

    manuel noriega bazanmanuel noriega bazanПре месец
  • Watching NB3 in Year 2021: Cannot watch without earphone because of random moaning

    Sanji VinsmokeSanji VinsmokeПре месец
  • 💖payajowy thank you for editting fun video for us

    Pindhira ChompoomingPindhira ChompoomingПре месец
    • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

      gatobaquerogatobaqueroПре месец
  • High quality editing in this one. Well done!

    Cosmo FangCosmo FangПре месец
  • Good job editor

    Ian Mhel K A Z I J I NIan Mhel K A Z I J I NПре месец
  • This is over edited it felt like I was watching a continuous add

    Pak atelPak atelПре месец
  • Neo = Jhin.. XD

    xeranox1xeranox1Пре месец
  • Didn't nb3 copyright strike a taco video that did something like this?

    Nakkve KlemNakkve KlemПре месец
  • I HEARD that Metroid Prime music

    TayterJTayterJПре месец
  • Done KEKW

    Andreas_xsAndreas_xsПре месец
  • the editor is killin it AHAHA

    yahyaoui oussamayahyaoui oussamaПре месец
  • 8:28 Name of the music ??? Its insane !!

    Sully SadiSully SadiПре месец
  • I thought Yassuo had a good editor but god damn!

    Music is lifeMusic is lifeПре месец
  • what are the songs on 4:52 and 6:01?

    Mauro NotteMauro NotteПре месец
    • good question

      DararedynDararedynПре месец
  • I love the editor omfg. Best videos ahh

    Benkő DánielBenkő DánielПре месец
  • Listen, i like anime edits, but i wouldnt complain over seeing Gordon Ramsey again

    Jonas RyomJonas RyomПре месец
  • The Thumbnail in the past were so much better! Than Now... Just saying no hate intended.

    Tea PartyTea PartyПре месец
  • Best editor u ever had🗣

    Mihel AngjeliMihel AngjeliПре месец
  • Now i wonder whats in nightblu3's web history

    S.L.E.OS.L.E.OПре месец

    Zakariyae ChmailiZakariyae ChmailiПре месец
  • Editor: How many edits do you want? NB3: Yes! Editor: I gotcha.

    d4rcr3std4rcr3stПре месец
  • Bro this intro was insane😂 GJ editor😂

    Μαρίνος ΚανακάρηςΜαρίνος ΚανακάρηςПре месец
  • You better be paying real good your editor Nightblue!

    Oscar CedeñoOscar CedeñoПре месец
  • The edit is fire 🔥

    Tetsuki KuroTetsuki KuroПре месец
    • Ty!!

      PayajowyPayajowyПре месец
  • your vids has been so much fun lately, with the music and edits! keep it up!

    Narin AshyanNarin AshyanПре месец
    • Glad you enjoyed!!

      PayajowyPayajowyПре месец
  • rabia? rabia is turkish a name.

    Emirhan SekmanEmirhan SekmanПре месец
  • The aot music soooo cool bro

    Antal SzabóAntal SzabóПре месец
  • doublelift : trash NB3 : **C O N T E N T**

    putra mirwandiputra mirwandiПре месец
  • These are pog edits, but we need the links to the hyphy music or a playlist or sumfin

    ramo fehsanramo fehsanПре месец
  • Bro no matter what the meta is the editor remains op

    Mohamed Adam BadriMohamed Adam BadriПре месец
    • Ayy tyty!

      PayajowyPayajowyПре месец
  • 5:07 i thought my youtube broke-

    Eris AmbroseEris AmbroseПре месец
  • freaking simps here we go

    Jason Ryan NavaJason Ryan NavaПре месец
  • What is the sound effect at 6:58 when he kills pantheon ?

    Kaloyan PetkovKaloyan PetkovПре месец
  • nidalee next ;)

    TheoWooshTheoWooshПре месец
  • Oh my God! In the language that my league is Evelynn's "I thought you'd last longer" doesn't really get interpret as in english, she say it as if she was talking about playing with someone before it dies, not in a sexual way This changes everything 😳

    EG FU23EG FU23Пре месец
  • U gotta love the AoT/SnK Opening

    Darth_Tiger TigeriumDarth_Tiger TigeriumПре месец
  • This title won't work for Trundle, Lissandra, or Nunu, so what is the editor going to do when he plays those champs? Checkmate!

    Custom Coin Rings USACustom Coin Rings USAПре месец
  • song at 2:51?

    Dragon CentreDragon CentreПре месец
  • Sauce for the cinematic background music

    Dominic GalarosaDominic GalarosaПре месец
  • New thumbnail Amazing xD!!!

    Itz_TuX :DItz_TuX :DПре месец
  • Neffex les goooo

    og gog gПре месец
  • THE EDITOR is a God man wtf

  • the gameplay starts at 1:10

    Quoc Thai NguyenQuoc Thai NguyenПре месец