31 авг 2020
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► My ENTIRE Team wanted to surrender so I 1v9 carried. rsworld.info/face/video/e7OglLiYsZl6rdg.html
RENGAR IS BACK BABY!! NEW Runes & Build For Patch 10.17 - (League of Legends)
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    YoRHaYoRHaПре месец
    • Definitely on the next vid tag this guy he deserves it

      Alex Tsukishima ch. アレックス 月島Alex Tsukishima ch. アレックス 月島Пре месец
    • what's the song on 0:23 ?

      chrysanthos warriorchrysanthos warriorПре месец
    • Didn't mean to nerf my mum but that seems funnier so let's roll with it instead XD.

      YoRHaYoRHaПре месец
    • This guy wants his mom nerfed, Id do the same lmao

      Elijah PelitoElijah PelitoПре месец
    • nightbloo reacted to your comment and then pins it... i'm jealous bro no homo

      KyoriShinKyoriShinПре месец
  • 5:57 „DIO“ I died😂😂😂😂

    Danijel JbgDanijel JbgПре 8 дана
  • What was the song used at 8:21 very boppy and I don't know the name ;-;

    Aiden PateAiden PateПре 21 дан
  • Can i just say recently i got nostalgic for old nightblue, im talking cy@ showing the recall every game and bringing that high energy, with new item shop lots of new players will be coming to the game bring back old nb3

    BrandonBrandonПре 25 дана
  • Everytime i see Nightblue-San 6:21

    HolyfranzHolyfranzПре 27 дана
  • Me: are you a kindred main Nightblue3: yes yes yes

    Talal IdrissTalal IdrissПре 28 дана
  • All my friends laugh at me when I say I watch Nightblue. But, like, he makes me smile. That's all I need for great content. :D

    SeattleNoona !SeattleNoona !Пре месец
  • i hate most league content but your channel is some awesome and fun stuff to watch and to learn from! great job with content man its genuinely impressive

    NEO AverageNEO AverageПре месец
  • We got the night blue 3 patch notes for the intro.

    Christian LavrentiadisChristian LavrentiadisПре месец
  • elo gods finally heard me

    Reygis MeiraReygis MeiraПре месец
  • when hes serious hes cool

    Psycho xdPsycho xdПре месец
  • que buena remera bro

    Nico BazzoloNico BazzoloПре месец
  • Bro plz use more anime memes

    Giannis XatzoglouGiannis XatzoglouПре месец
  • it took nightblue 2mins and 30seconds+ to finish intro xd

    Mark Vincent ComajigMark Vincent ComajigПре месец
  • ...did i just hear "my mom just divorced me after this one" NB3 high smh

    Lleyton KimLleyton KimПре месец
  • Back to the nb3 that got me hooked in the first place!

    levi ecklevi eckПре месец
  • People still need more of those '' you say run theme'' moments you naughty nighty😂

    Ivan KleshchevnikovIvan KleshchevnikovПре месец
  • Your face is fine :(

    Acacia :]Acacia :]Пре месец
  • Nb: “leave me a comment” Me “no”

    Simon Vanglo Juul OlesenSimon Vanglo Juul OlesenПре месец
  • U talk too much at start , so... BOOOM !! Dislike.!

    GentleUncleGentleUncleПре месец
  • I missed this content so much bro

    Kuba BranžaKuba BranžaПре месец
  • i lov all of ur videos !! :D

    Norma Katherine Abreú JiménezNorma Katherine Abreú JiménezПре месец
  • Idk but I just luv the old thumbnails

    DEAD 702DEAD 702Пре месец
  • bring back the CY@

    Brendan RustinBrendan RustinПре месец
  • We'll always luv you nb

    Yeeyee ClickbaitedYeeyee ClickbaitedПре месец
  • Nb3 getting a double "eeeee penta penta penta".When Nb3 getting triple with noc "ok".

    Ηλίας ΚουτροβέληςΗλίας ΚουτροβέληςПре месец
  • I just wrote comment because

    MrBluedaemonMrBluedaemonПре месец
  • Old nightblue is back!! League of legends weeb videos

    RakeRakeПре месец
  • YES! I missed the edits! ♥

    SinnyDollSinnyDollПре месец
  • 1:50 MANATY ? He's top 1 now 😎

    RawaTipuRawaTipuПре месец
  • at 4:33 a.m. what soundtrack please tell me, what soundtrack is that?

    oki setiawanoki setiawanПре месец
  • "my mom divorced me"

    Christiaan CarelseChristiaan CarelseПре месец
  • My mom divorced me after this one 😂😂

    Sven LechtenbergSven LechtenbergПре месец
  • Love the videos and the intros being real with us. Keep it up!

    LayZLayZПре месец
  • no anime tities disliked . . . . . . Kappa

    Student 16Student 16Пре месец
  • It doesn't matter how much damage ur doin, just remember at the end of the day You still do 1 damage to wards

    dark firedark fireПре месец
  • I really miss watching u playing yi

    Tri WidyantoTri WidyantoПре месец
  • I liked old nightblue better. Can we have his face removed from the videos too? CY@ get outta my videos

    John HillJohn HillПре месец
  • So I saw a video from some Pekin guy and i was genuinely surprised by how many people were hating on NB in the comment section. Like I know that copyright thing happened which I can't really defend him for especially since I don't know much about it, but there was also an insane amount of hate that just amounted to some basic insults which surprised me a lot.

    GodTierBPGodTierBPПре месец
  • This is amazing

    Alberto RodriguezAlberto RodriguezПре месец
  • I keep coming back and watch the video just because the hero anime thumbnail

    Lance BagtingLance BagtingПре месец
  • Aye bois let's b real here NB3 vids just ain't the same without the edits now that they back everything feels right, and in place

    Aaron VirtueAaron VirtueПре месец
  • Hi

    Justin SchulerJustin SchulerПре месец
  • captions make the videos look so much better!

    DrreamDrreamПре месец
  • how about a super saiyan 3 meme

    Silver ClownSilver ClownПре месец
  • 2:29 *Imma start pinning comments* Pin this one then.

    HumbleHumbleПре месец
  • its nice to see you getting back to your roots bro. I been watching you since 2016 and your best content is from 2016-2018. You used to be hella funny with clean ass edits and the features with mike used to have me dying. and honestly i quit league a couple times and your videos brought me back. Keep up the good work my guy, dont forget where you came from.

    Stephen HubbardStephen HubbardПре месец
  • I like this edits better, more anime more weebs. Nightweeb3 ✨

    KizaragiKizaragiПре месец
  • Nightblue are u being controlled like Britney? You can do what you want we will love you regardless :(

    Kaitlin BaldwinKaitlin BaldwinПре месец
  • Oldschool Nightblue is back baby, hell yeah

    MasterFoxMasterFoxПре месец
  • Keep your intros a bit shorter. We're here for the gameplay and cool edits

    Andrei PacurarAndrei PacurarПре месец
  • Fun fact about nightblue he gets a powerspike everytime he dies

    Alex Tsukishima ch. アレックス 月島Alex Tsukishima ch. アレックス 月島Пре месец
  • Man , Nightblue3 you are half african 100% Look at that hair!!!!

    aleNNN .mp3aleNNN .mp3Пре месец
  • Bring back mike pleaseeee

  • Man im so happy that you are going back to old school. those vids really brought me joy

  • 6:33 😂😂

    Dominik KázmérDominik KázmérПре месец

    Kaneki PantuaKaneki PantuaПре месец
  • what is name of play list on stream or that was music in front from our big boy artful ?

    sedike mohamedsedike mohamedПре месец
  • Ilias PapIlias PapПре месец
  • its very serious 5 seconds later : big boom boom damage

    antreas kordinasantreas kordinasПре месец
  • Your face is big part of the brand so I actually like seeing your face in the thumbnail, makes them easier to find on my Sub feed

    Xana8UXana8UПре месец
  • Now we need NB3 REACTION and the anime gifts

    Pete's AMVPete's AMVПре месец
  • Your face is disgusting

    BeanBeanПре месец
  • i htink u are growing as a person dude... respect been here since no face nb3 xD keep it humble srry the bad english

    Raul GutierrezRaul GutierrezПре месец
  • i hope you like this comment

    Hung DangHung DangПре месец
  • uwu

    Chikin ShrimpChikin ShrimpПре месец
  • Ngl lately the TED Talk of the Bush Head guy it´s enough to drop my like

    Pablo Ignacio Yáñez Lobos 4FPablo Ignacio Yáñez Lobos 4FПре месец
  • It's cool that he talked to the community about using those kinds of titles and thumbnails; people genuinely respond to them more, so it's not bad for him to do, it's genuinely just cool to me that he openly stated it

    Dylan McNamaraDylan McNamaraПре месец
  • this is what im waiting 4

    Trường NguyễnTrường NguyễnПре месец
  • Sett's name is a mood

    punchfirstpunchfirstПре месец
  • Can we please appreciate Artful? I love his edits❤❤❤

    Seelen wolkeSeelen wolkeПре месец
  • I like the editing style, the videos are fun to watch. :)

    Wesley GrettWesley GrettПре месец
  • thanks god memes are back i laughed like a mother chucker xD gj artful

  • 11 mins nb got the adc treatment xd

    Fabian RuddeFabian RuddeПре месец
  • In my defense have you've seen your face lol 🤣😂

    Artaher DuronArtaher DuronПре месец
  • Top tier editing once again but y'all missed a good Michael Jackson meme at 6:36

    vic52vic52Пре месец
  • Nice cat tree you got there!.

    NartrachQc GamingNartrachQc GamingПре месец
  • old thumbnails and title YESSSS

    Joel SpencerJoel SpencerПре месец
  • Liar 2018 nb3 didnt use cam

    KoxxekKoxxekПре месец
  • I thought this was an old video for the past 2 hours so i didnt click on it, then i saw the release date, that thumbnail really got me xD

    JaKiT0JaKiT0Пре месец
  • Wheres our nightcore songs at??

    GodlyRaidedSmGsGodlyRaidedSmGsПре месец
  • 2018 nightblue? bro this edit is pure friking gold this is what we wan to friking see brother

    Remon Zephat-Remon Zephat-Пре месец
  • Yeahhh man, keep the Artful edits! Love his intro!💪

    NickNickПре месец
  • you should honestly fire ur editor right away

    Πετρος ΜπιζαςΠετρος ΜπιζαςПре месец

    Nyks MraychiNyks MraychiПре месец
  • Edits with a spice of memes and anime really is a better one. Good job and good decision NB3. Looking forward to more of this

    JamesJamesПре месец
  • nightblue3 is the reason why kindred become my main hahaha

    Leopoldo BartolomeLeopoldo BartolomeПре месец
  • Finally a good Video like in the past

    K4sp3rK4sp3rПре месец
  • I stopped watching bc u looked like u were getting too coked out. But u look alot healthier now bro

    Joe KuiperJoe KuiperПре месец
  • When I saw the thumbnail.... I don't know I just remembered jinx jungle

    Lance NavarraLance NavarraПре месец
  • do you know what would be fun if he recorded himself watching his replays and then explaning what did he wrong and what he should have done there that would be amazing

  • Why did you delete some of your oldest vids :(

    zhoonzhoonПре месец
  • Hello, I just want to say that I do not like you, ok bye :3

    ArtinaArtinaПре месец
  • Love the kindred vids

    Jing WeiJing WeiПре месец
  • I’m still waiting for that Nb3 and Ben duo back together again

    DAkulDUDE23DAkulDUDE23Пре месец
  • Ur not 2018 Nightblue...2018 Nightblue used to play stuff like full attack speed lulu jng.😓

    No Name RetardNo Name RetardПре месец
  • 11:00 NB3: Let’s do didi The Chinese: 👀👀👀

    Eevee ElmEevee ElmПре месец
  • Yoo I see you cmt on deaf kev vid btw I'm new Hi:)

    Y.P GamingY.P GamingПре месец
  • Love your videos man. Im from PH me and my boyfriend plays League of Legends but hard stuck in Diamond well especially me mah boi is in master now.

    passing Gamerpassing GamerПре месец
  • can someone tell me the name of the site that Nightblue's using for the builds and stuffs? I know that he mentioned it on a video before but I forgot which one it is. Thanks in advance!

    MyuMyuПре месец